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Post by Gwyneveire Llwelyn on Sat Jun 11, 2016 5:34 am

Everything was silent for the most part, Silent and dark...Until the sound of slowly creaking wood filled Gwyn's ears. She almost thought she imagined it, opening her eyes, she expected to be back in her bedroom at home, meeting her mother's doting gaze like always, she groaned a bit from the way her head hurt. Really she almost wondered if she could imagine something like that...Was it all really a dream? The pain felt so real. She just couldn't imagine anything like that, but...Being in a meeting with two leaders, watching one murder the other, a dragon shifter and...A divine being? Her life just wasn't that exciting.

She shifted in her position and- "-Ghh!!" Felt a sore pain on her arm, she quickly opened her eyes, and realized one key fact, this was not her bedroom at all. This was a dirty cabin of a ship, dimly lit with a lantern in the corner, where...Was she?? She had no answers to something like this, as much as she wished that she did. Panic started to fill her mind, if she's here, then that dream..It wasn't a dream at all!!

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She sat up in the cot she was lying on, realizing one thing very quickly - She was completely undressed, covered only by a sheet, her clothes lay on the side of the room, they looked dry, but the floor around them had signs of being wet, so she rather quickly put two and two together and assumed she had fallen in water at some point. She looked at her arm and noticed the bandage wrapped around it. It was stained crimson and looked a bit crusty, she stared at it blankly for a moment, her heart racing faster and faster. She carefully reached at the bandage and gripped it, she was about to pull the thing off, but then-

"I don't think it's completely better yet, I would leave it a moment longer." A man stepped into the room, he didn't look exactly threatening, but Gwyn still pulled the covers up further on her body regardless, kind of staring him down as her embarrassment gave her a death grip on that sheet. A death grip. "W...Where am I? Who are you? Why are my clothes over there and not on my body where they should be?" The man gave a calm chuckle at those questions and took a seat before answering.

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"Well, you probably won't enjoy the sudden news, but you're on a ship heading for the Teresian Isles." "...No, no, that's really not possible. I was in Heran. Are you telling me I fell onto a ship?" The man shook his head. "No, but I don't think you'd believe the actual story." She glared at him. "I want to hear everything, and it had better be exact. I'm not exactly happy about this situation." He gave another chuckle, and leaned back in the chair a bit. "Okay, but I really think it's ridiculous, and I was there when it happened!"

She listened intently to his story he was about to tell, she didn't exactly know what to expect from him, but she knew it was going to be rather outlandish. So we were all on deck at about...Mid-day, when all at once this bright light pops up in the sky, none of us have ever seen anything glow that brightly before. But then that's not the craziest part. The real crazy part is the fact that you and another girl just dropped right into the ocean! The captain was frantic in  trying to bring the ship around, but between you and me, I think he was just as confused as the rest of us."

Gwyn squinted her eyes, she didn't entirely trust his statement, but so far he also didn't sound like he was lying, but regardless, he continued. "And if you really wear on Heran...How did you survive a fall like that? Well, either way, we got you both pulled onto deck, you were soaked to the bone and had a huge wound on your arm, lucky thing we have a doctor traveling with us. That wound seriously needed mending. The other girl wasn't all that bad off, but she was definitely out cold too, just like you were."

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Gwyn's eyes opened widely, the other girl?! The one that was there with the queen...She was here?! Gwyn had to find out more! "She's here right now? Where? I feel like speaking to her may be vitally important." "She went up topside, she's been awake for hours now. We found you both a whole day ago." The mage shakes her head, trying to wrap her mind around this whole crazy situation. "So let me get this straight: We fell from the sky after a flash of light, we survived a drop into the ocean from thousands of feet in the air, your ship just happened to be within range to get us before we sunk to the floor of the sea, and we've been out for an entire day now?"

"That's exactly it. None of us know how, but that's the whole thing. Anyhow, the doctor sent me down to check on you, he was starting to get worried that you might not wake up." She rubbed her forehead, sighing. She thought that was all a dream, but...It wasn't?? How though? None of what she saw in her daze could have possibly been real, there just wasn't a way. But for sure that girl would have known, she had to have more answers. And if Gwyn was lucky, she'd get this entire mess cleared up and be able to go home...But part of her felt like going home probably wasn't an option right now.

As much as she didn't want to be pessimistic, one thing was clear - She defied her leader, something there was no way he was going to forget, if anything, she was probably Yarrose's main enemy now because of it. She shook her head in frustration. "You may go topside. I need to get dressed." The sailor gave a nod and stood from the chair, heading out of the room and shutting the door behind him without question. Not like he had reason, of course.

Gwyn got out of the cot, she felt the hard rough wood against her bare feet. The cold, non-insulated interior was freezing against her nude body, one thing she was going to be all too happy about right now was getting dressed. She went over to the corner, picking up some of her clothes to start putting on, of course starting with her undergarments which rather easily slipped up her legs and onto her waist, as well as the bra which was equally as simple.

Next came the pants, they were a little damp, but otherwise comfortably dry, she slipped them on as fast as she could manage, buttoning them up where necessary. She lifted up the undershirt next, maybe to others it was a little unnecessary to wear as much clothing as she did, but it was a Yarrose mage's uniform! She wore it with pride. Sliding the undershirt on with ease, she of course moved on to putting on the rest of her upper body garments, finally stopping at the long coat she often wore, she inspected the sleeve...Just as she thought, a crimson stain on the upper arm.

She gave a sigh. "It's going to take some time to wash that one out. That still hurt really badly." With her short comment over, she threw on her coat, slipping each arm into the sleeve, though her injured right arm of course causing her to wince slightly as the heavy fabric slid across where the wound was. However, with her clothing now all set, she buttoned up a few more things and dusted herself off, putting her hands on her hips, she gave a nod and wore a grin.

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"Phew, it feels good to not be undressed...I felt so insecure." With a huff she opened the door and headed into the rest of the ship's interior, she had quite a few stares from the sailors sitting about, some leaned in to one another to whisper, likely expected given her strange arrival aboard their ship, she ignored them all for the most part however, just ready to get topside. To find that girl and get the answers she was desperate to hear. That girl had to know more.

Up the stairs she came as she made it topside, the wind brushed through her hair and the smell of the sea was strong as it was blown into her nose, the sky was overcast, though it was light enough that the sun broke through the clouds, causing her to raise her arm to cover her eyes a bit as the sun's rays beamed down on her face. Sailors running about on deck adjusting the ship's components as needed, though for the most part it was also rather relaxed up here.

A man that seemed to wear different clothing from the sailors approached her. "Excuse me, I have a few questions. I'm the doctor who patched you up, and I really have to ask...Are you a Yarrose mage? Those clothes are common to them, my curiosity peaked when I saw them." Gwyn gave a nod to him. "Well, a Mage in training anyway. I've not perfected my art, but I intend to one day. I suppose I should thank you, it looks like I lost a lot of blood." The man shook his head. "Think nothing of it, I'm a doctor, it's my duty to take care of any who need me. Still, I just left Yarrose a few days ago, it feels good to speak to another Yarrosian. Perhaps we will meet again before the ship docks in Teresia?" She smiles calmly.

"Certainly. It really is nice to speak to a fellow member of our land, I would gladly speak to you again if you'd like for it." Giving a nod to the man. "I'm certain we will find much to speak about. Ah, my name is Carris, a Doctor as you've already figured out. I tend to travel these days though, there are a lot of people in need of medical attention. I want to be there when they need it most. I suspect we will be meeting again, even after this ship docks and we part ways."

"That is a noble goal...Yes, I do believe your travels will have us meeting again some day. It's a day I look forward to." With a calm nod from both, they parted ways, Gwyn continued her walk across the deck, looking for that girl from before...She couldn't help but stop and observe the ocean for a minute though. It was gorgeous. She had never left Yarrose's safer towns before, the ocean was still a fairly new sight to her. She rested her arms on the rails, looking out over the endless advance of blue ahead of her. There really wasn't much to it, and yet that made it charming in it's own way.

She had heard the stories though, about how terrible beasts lurked there, about how doomed one was if ever their ship was to sink. It wasn't something she was looking forward to learning the truth about. Men tell tales of a grand beast that rises up from the ocean's floor to swallow ships whole, tales of dark shadows cast underneath the ships of unsuspecting sailors, cargo ships mysteriously never arriving to their destination...It was certainly a lot to think about, and it contrasted the sea's beauty.

Still, she figured it had to be a rare event, there wasn't more proof than sailor fishing tales, that wasn't enough to jump to the conclusion that whatever this was - If it even existed, that it would be pretty rare to see, or even be a part of it's attack. It was pretty fun just to take her mind off of the panic she felt though, it really helped to settle her still uneasy nerves, and even as she pulled herself away from the rails, she gave the sea one last look.

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"My...I should be getting back on track." She headed off to keep looking for that dragon shifter, as she walked she moved in and around sailors running around the deck, the  thunderous booms of the captain's commanding shouts sounding out across the ship, it was rather impressive how efficient they all were. It had to be respected despite how...Grungy they tended to be. But regardless, she had to focus all of her thoughts on that girl now, she was important to the Mage.

... And yet why was everyone shouting about sinking? All at once the crew scrambled even faster than they were before, heading down below deck. It seemed something was going on down there. Something bad. If it was really that serious...Gwyn shook her head sighing, they may need help, and she didn't exactly want to meet that girl at the bottom of the ocean if it was really about sinking, she rushed off across the deck, heading for the stairs and almost bounding down them.

As she ran down she was met with already ankle deep water. The ship was indeed starting to sink, a leak had sprung on the side walls of the lower deck, it was a small hole, but without anything to plug it with, everyone was running up and down the stairs carrying buckets, both full of water and empty. She hurried over to the hole, inspecting it. "How long has this been here? H...How did it happen?!" One of the sailors shouted frantically "The board snapped in that spot when one of us hit it by accident while rough-housing! Dear Azeron we're all going to die!" The sailor got back to work trying to bucket up the water that was slowly rising.

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"There has to be a way to stop this." She scanned the room, looking for anything that could patch a hole...There was a bottle of glue! That'd work... If she had something to use it on. She kept looking as she went over and picked it up, if only she had some kind of rubbery material...There's no chance she'd ever find something like that though, she'd have to look for a substitute. And right now, the main area had nothing, she supposed it was time to look in the cabins as she trudged through the now higher water.

She scanned the crew's quarters, she started going through chests, looking on shelves, she even went and checked in their beds, one in particular...Hid something rather gross under one of the pillows. "I...Is that...Goat intestine?! Gross..." She timidly lifted it up from it's hiding place under the pillow with the very tips of her fingers, feeling pretty repulsed, and yet...It came to her. "... It...may...Just work." She sighed at what she was about to try.

She hurried over back to the hole, she sighed in relief when she checked the hole and found it was small enough for this plan to work. She gripped the...Goatskin...Condom and plugged the hole as she stuffed it in, acting quickly as she noticed it's success, she proceeded to pour the glue around the edges, and with that...It seemed it would hold until it dried. Hopefully it would hold until they reached Teresia. it was still leaking through a little, but now it was slow enough that the crew could bucket the water out faster than it could pour in, she held her hands on her knees as she gave a deep sigh in relief. "That was close...A little TOO close. I really need to clean my hands after this..." She shook her hands, a little water dripping off of them. Still, the crew erupted in cheers as they were just as glad as her to have the sinking issue resolved, one sailor came down the stairs and shouted. "We've arrived at Teresia! All go ashore whose going ashore!" With that, she headed back up the stairs...And was met with the sight of a beautiful sprawling city off the bow of the ship, it seemed they had made it just in time as the distance slowly drew shorter. With that, she knew now she'd be able to more easily find her dragon shifter friend, and hopefully find answers too.

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Beach episode on Teresian Isles when? 13,500 soul/resolve 2,700 essence!

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