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Heretic of Aramore (Solo) Empty Heretic of Aramore (Solo)

Post by Alexander on Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:20 pm

Alexander sighed to himself as he slumped to the ground, looking up at the towering buildings which surrounded him. Everything he had ever known and come to love had just crashed down around him. Branded as a heretic, cast out from his home, and now public enemy number one to many who follow the church. He didn't even know what he did, he followed every instruction given to him to the letter yet still he managed to displease the High Priest. "What happened..? Blasphemer.. heretic.. why?" he muttered to himself just as a rock would suddenly strike him in the shoulder.

"There he is! This'll teach you to go against Our lord!" a man shouted from within a large group of citizens who were closing in around Alex. The man who spoke was the first to step up and draw a small dagger. "You're not walking out of this city alive you bastard." The man growled with a sinister grin. Alexander slowly stood up and for a moment reached for his sword until he shook his head. 'Killing them will be no use.. My fists will work just fine.' he thought to himself as he raised his hands and locked eyes with the man who immediately lunged at him.

With the attack came a furious scream, the man attempted to drive his dagger into Alexander's gut only to have his wrist grabbed and his hand redirected. The dagger instead struck the wall behind Alex as he then wrapped his free arm around the man's arm, suddenly jerking upwards as he pushed down on his wrist. In the same moment a loud crack sounded off from the man's elbow as he shrieked with pain. Alexander then delivered a hard kick to the man's right knee, causing the leg to bend in on itself with another crack just before the man fell to the ground. "Who's next."

At that point another man stepped forward, this one wielding an axe. The man ran forward and swung for Alexander's head, though Alex simply ducked and lunged forward to deliver a hard punch to his gut. As the man doubled over Alex swiftly raised his knee which met the man square in the face, causing him to recoil and hold his nose. "You.. you prick!" The man growled as blood began to seep through his fingers. The man swung once more, this time aiming for Alex's body. Alex stepped forward so that only the axe's handle to strike him instead of the blade. In response Alex raised his arm and curled it so that his forearm was now wrapped over the axe which he proceeded to grab before delivering a kick to the man's chest, effectively disarming him. "It would be best if you all were to just leave." Alex then muttered as he flipped the axe around and reversed it, striking the man's head with the flat side of the axe head.

The series of fights continued for roughly an hour, with each passing minute another citizen stepped forward in an attempt to kill Alex and each time he rendered the challenger unconscious or immobile. By now his knuckles and hands were covered in blood, both of the members of the mob and his own from splitting open his knuckles. "A pointless fight.. I suppose it couldn't be avoided though.. maybe now people will know not to attack me at least. I should hope so anyways.. I hope I haven't disappointed you, father." He muttered before shaking his head and walking off in seemingly no particular direction.

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Heretic of Aramore (Solo) Empty Re: Heretic of Aramore (Solo)

Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:23 pm

Ooooo.. Things are getting real in Aramore while Shifty's away!

You gained 2,625 Soul/Resolve and 525 Essence!

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