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A Close Call (Solo) Empty A Close Call (Solo)

Post by Keiko on Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:41 am

Keiko had opted to start up another training session. She may not have been able to find any opponent worth their weight, but that didn't mean it was an excuse to slack off. She had made far more progress than she ever had back at home. And it gave her quite the rush... The Bronze Dragon Shifter was eager to make even more progress. This time however, there were no opponents for her to fight, just training targets and obstacle courses for her to work her way through. As for why she had picked now to start her training... That was simple.

At this time of day, it just didn't see much use. In fact, this time around it was practically deserted. It gave her all the privacy she needed to improve her skills. In this case she was working on her control over the elements. Using the Wind, Earth, and Water was rather taxing, but with all of her recent growth... It proved much easier to pull off. Even so, she hadn't hit the point of being able to properly use fire alongside them all. Keiko found that aspect rather disappointing. She wanted to be able to control all four elements.

Not just 'well', she wanted to have mastery over them, too. Even though fire was her most natural element, all of them complimented each other when used the right way. And few foes were prepared for the sheer variety such a fighting style offered, it was the sole reason that she was able to keep up with her Father during training. The training yard she decided to make use of was filled with her shouts and the fierce thuds of a metal blade against wood. As well as the roaring of the elements, one could have assumed that an all out war had broken out.

The best part about an imaginary opponent was that they could be as skilled, or as weak as you wanted them to be. It didn't give her the same rush as fighting with a true enemy... But it would simply have to make due. But her blood was calling for so much more, there had to be something she was meant to do, right? Something more than this monotonous life. She would eventually hit the point where training wouldn't give as much of a growth that she needed. Keiko would finally bring herself to a stop and sheath her greatsword.

The Bronze Dragon Shifter closed her eyes... She could feel it. Someone was watching her. They had been for awhile now, yet they chose to remain hidden. For what purpose, she didn't know. It could have been one of the guards merely interested in what all the noise was about, or perhaps one of the people that had seen her matches in the Arena... But no, there was a distinct feeling hanging in the air. Like they were here for blood, rather than making her afraid, it made her excited. Keiko had her arms crossed as she mulled it over.

Finally she'd open her eyes.
"Whoever you are, I know you're here. And I get the feeling you're here for a fight. Don't be a coward and hide from me.", she spoke aloud. A rather smug looking man would step out into the open in response, grin plastered on his face. Keiko took the opportunity to examine him. Black hair that reached down to his shoulders, slicked back. His brows were furrowed in such a condescending fashion... And his eyes, yellow. A torn red scarf, or perhaps what was a cloak was around his neck.

He was clad in black attire, it looked formal enough. And his hands were clad in white gloves... And those hands were currently clapping.
"Pretty clever. I gotta admit, you're pretty unlike anyone I've been sent after.", he spoke with just as much arrogance as he carried in his appearance, as well as any disregard to his safety. That could only mean that he was an experienced fighter of some sort. Perhaps a rogue, given his garb and means of conducting himself around others... Or an Assassin, but who would send something like that after her?

"If someone has a problem with me, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed in them for not coming personally.", she'd respond to him. He'd raise a hand and wag a finger at her in response. "He's pretty busy, you know. Off in a rather important meeting with a very important someone. I'm sure you'll hear all about it later. Not that it really concerns you right now.", he'd shoot back. That was fair enough... Still, Keiko was curious on what he meant about hearing about it later... Who employed him, and what were they going to do?

The Bronze Dragon Shifter didn't bother asking. It was pretty clear that she wouldn't get a straight answer out of him anyway. With that in mind, she'd draw her sword and take stance as she stared him down.
"Let's get this over with! I know you won't give me the answers I want until I beat you within an inch of your life!", Keiko would shout with ferocity in her tone of voice. But he'd just shake his head lightly and give a laugh in the face of that. "Feisty!", he'd add as his grin grew a little wider.

He'd then retrieve two weapons that were holstered at his sides. They looked like Crossbows of a sort, but far from anything that could be determined as 'normal'. For example, they weren't loaded with bolts.
"Alright, let's have a little fun. He didn't say that I had to be particularly gentle with you.", the smug man would offer his own threat. A tense atmosphere would begin to fill the air as both warriors just stared each other down for now... Then, it'd start suddenly with Keiko springing into action! He'd aim one of the crossbows at her.

With a press of the trigger, a purple bolt shot out towards her, the Bronze Dragon Shifter would swing her blade with purpose, deflecting it away from her. But then he'd aim the other crossbow at her, and start unleashing an impressive volley. Still, it did little to deter the Dragon in her approach! Her blade flying through the air, precise and well practiced to deflect each bolt that threatened to otherwise injure her. But as she closed the distance, he would begin to maneuver around the sprawling training yard as well, aiming to keep distance from her.

It was becoming clear enough that she was at a bit of a disadvantage, as most of her skills were based around melee combat, and her foe was using that entirely to his own advantage.
"Not too shabby! But it won't matter if you can't even get close to me!", he'd taunt her. Keiko would proceed to narrow her eyes slightly... Then, she'd bring her sword back and charge at him with seemingly reckless abandon! He'd fire off another volley of bolts, he didn't even need to stop to reload those things, or let them recharge...

But the Bronze Dragon Shifter was able to nimbly evade the bolts in her charge, picking up speed and thrusting her blade towards him. He'd move the crossbows towards her greatsword and block the strike. Damn! Even with all of her strength and momentum, he was able to stop it! Though it did send him pretty far back due to the impact, he didn't have any injuries to show for it.
"Phew! Pretty tough there, kiddo. I have to give you credit for almost getting me with that one.", he'd comment with another signature grin.

"You're rather skilled. But if this is all you have at your disposal, you won't be able to defeat me.", she'd state in a tone of voice that implied it as a matter of fact. The smug man would just let out another laugh. "You kidding? This is just the warmup! Let's see if you're as good as you think!", he continued. With that he'd seemingly vanish from the spot, but it definitely didn't put Keiko at ease... He was fast! Or perhaps, magic of some sort? She'd then hear one of those bolts whizzing through the air towards her.

The Bronze Dragon Shifter would tilt her head out of the way, not even placing a scratch on her. The angle of where it was fired from... He was up above! Keiko would turn swiftly and pinpoint his location almost right away, on top of a building... She could climb it, certainly. But it would leave her wide open. As much as she didn't like to admit it, he really held the advantage now. All she could do was keep moving and find a way to reach his position! The Dragon would break out into a run.

Somehow, he was able to keep pace with her as she ran through the streets, unleashing a volley of bolts down at her without relent. For most of them, she was simply moving fast enough to not be in danger, but for the others she would swing her blade in order to smack them away.
"Can't keep running forever, and we have a lot of city before you'll find anyone!", he'd shout down at her. He really did have a point there... Though the Knights were dutiful, they seemed to be strangely absent at the moment. Did he do something to the patrols here?

There weren't any signs of a struggle or bloodshed. Hell, there weren't even any citizens... Not that they would be able to help. The actual scope of this situation would begin to sink into her mind, this wasn't a simple assassination attempt. It was far too elaborate. It was more than being timed perfectly, at that. All Keiko could do was rely on her abilities to get herself out of this situation, and like hell she was just going to run from him! She'd finally see her chance... Though it wouldn't be easy.

The Dragon would leap onto a fountain, and manage to keep her balance as she then leaped up another time, ascending it while trying to maintain some of her speed. With a final leap she'd aim for the roof of one of the shorter houses, and throwing her arm out, she'd grab onto the ledge and manage to pull herself up with a heft, narrowly evading two bolts in the process. She'd continue into a roll as she pulled herself onto the roof, her pursuer still relentless in his chase. But Keiko had managed to get back onto her feet now.

"Clever little sneak!", he'd say, a little impressed that she was proving so tenacious. Though just as before, he'd fire off more energy bolts towards her, and Keiko would deflect them with her blade as she charged and leaped towards him. Their battle now sprawling across the rooftops, and it would certainly make an impressive sight for anyone that had been around to witness it... But just as he pointed out, there was no one around as far as the eye could see. It's true that this was one of the less inhabited areas of the city, but even so.

Just what the hell type of enemy was she dealing with...? Keiko narrowed her eyes as she tried to make any sense of the smug man, as skilled as he was, this was way out of his league. His employer must have had a hand in this... But all she could do right now was focus on the enemy in front of her! If she struck with her sword again... He'd just block it and get away. She needed something with a little more kick to it. So she approached with a feint of her blade.

"That's not going to work, you know!", he'd exclaim with another cocky grin.... Perfect. Instead of swinging her blade, the Dragon opened her mouth and unleashed flames from it. Flames that were heading straight for her target, and she had been careful enough to aim it so that it wouldn't cause unneeded damage to the city. He widened his eyes in response, and the flames clashed against him. "Ooaaghh!! Damn! That hurts!", he'd shout. But... The flames also died down, he wasn't dead or burnt to a crisp, which was rather impressive in and of itself.

Though the same could not be said for his otherwise formal outfit. By this point, his grin had faded.
"Damn... I was not expecting you to be this tough. Looks like you get to go free for now, kiddo.", he'd state as if bringing an abrupt ending to their bout. Keiko wasted little time in charging for him once more... But before she could even hope to close the distance, he had vanished from the spot again. This time it was clear that he wasn't around to continue their battle. The Bronze Dragon Shifter sighed to herself and sheathed her greatsword.

That was one of the most challenging fights she had been in... And she was lucky enough to walk away with her life. If she didn't get in so much training as well as participating in that Arena, she wouldn't have been able to compete with him at all. Somehow, she attracted a lot of attention for herself. The Dragon would leap down from the rooftop, and now noted that people were heading towards this section of the city once more. That may have played another part in him leaving so soon. In any case... She needed a safe place to stay.

No matter how confident he was in his skills, it was suicidal to attack the abode of a Knight of Azeron. Though she didn't intend to head there so soon, perhaps it would be a good idea to stay at her Father's home for a little while. At least until she could sort things out, maybe find out who that smug man was, or who could possibly organize all of this, and what they would want from her in return. The whole 'walking omen' thing had honestly been taken to a level that Keiko didn't expect.

The Bronze Dragon Shifter would move through the city streets with newfound purpose. Even though the air no longer felt as oppressive, she really didn't want to take her chances. Next time around, he'd definitely be more prepared for her... Or, they'd just send someone even more skilled. Keiko didn't want to imagine just how much power this employer had, whoever it was... Along the way, she was trying to figure out just who it could be. But there was just no luck in it. She'd give another defeated sigh as she opened the door to her father's house, stepping inside. She was safe for now.

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Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:39 am

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