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Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:01 am

The day before, Queen Hilda and Elidyra had just left the city of Aramore. The two were headed for the capital of Heran for peace negotiations with the Archmage there to settle a long dispute between the two countries so that war may not start. When night approached, Elidyra volunteered to pitch Queen Hilda's tent and set up a fire- she didn't believe a woman of her stature should have to d oal lthat work, and she likely didn't know how anyway. "My lady Elidyra, could you spare a moment to talk?" The queen would ask the young shifter as she poked at their fire with a stick and blew on it, trying to make it roar to life so they would have some warmth tonight.

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"Why, yes my queen. What is it that you need?" Elidyra would ask of her dear friend with a bright, happy look on her face. She would be happy to help the queen it whatever it was she needed. "Oh, it's nothing. I was just checking up on you.. You seemed pretty upset after our talk with your uncle." Hilda stated as she said down besides Eli. Eli placed her stick to the side and sat down. Propping herself up on her arms and looking towards the queen, arching a brow for a moment. Time and time again, Elidyra had hid her true emotions towards certain things beneath a fake smile when speaking to Hilda. But now that they were alone, it might just be safe.

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"Its nothing, really.. There's no need to worry about me your highness. I just want to make this trip as safe and as calm for you as possible." Eli would mutter, trying to sound okay despite the sad look on her face. "Its your uncle, isn't it?" Hilda would question just as Eli had looked away to stare at the fire. Letting out yet another sigh, Eli looked back at the queen. "He always treats me like a child, my lady.. I can't handle it anymore. I recently came of age and yet he persists in babying me and keeping me in Aramore. I could never thank you enough for pulling me out of the city- I've always wanted to visit another nation." Even as happy as she was to be leaving, she couldn't help but suspect that if she were to go back she would never ever leave again. Not while her uncle was still alive. "You're very welcome Elidyra. But you mustn't be mad at your uncle. His intentions are good but I can still understand why it is you're so upset." This was when the queen decided it would probably make Elidyra feel better. The best way she knew how to do that was to trigger her by embarrassing her. "Perhaps if you finally got out of the house and married some boy he would leave you alone?"

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As Hilda poked fun at Eli, she leaned uncomfortably close to the easily flustered dragon shifter who would near immediately turn a bright shade of red. Tightening her expression and trying to look stern. "N..No, I do not wish to marry a boy. I have never been interested in a man before in my entire life and I won't start to day!" Eli protested as she scooted away, turning her head to look away from Hilda, though just enough to look at her from the corner of her eye. The queen would laugh in response to Eli's reaction, covering her mouth with her hand and closing her eyes as she giggled before looking towards the fire. "It's a shame we haven't had time to catch up since I was made queen.. I was stuck in the palace getting so much work done for those two days after my father died that I hadn't even had time to see you, or to mourn over my father's death.."

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"I'm sorry, my lady.. I promise I'll make more time to spend with you. I won't even let your advisor take that from you. For the entirety of this trip, I assure you that you shall have my full attention!" Elidyra reassured the queen, who then looked up with a weak but sincere smile. "Thank you, Eli. I'm really looking forward to it." The queen of Aramore's smile would grow wider. "There's just one last thing I'd like to say to you before you return to setting up camp." Eli arched a brow a split second before Hilda moved closer and hugged the young dragon shifter.

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"You are one of my closest and dearest friends. I believe we can drop the formalities. Please, call me Hilda." Hilda would speak softly. Elidyra's cheeks would become a shade of red as she smiled, returning the hug and nodding. "Yes, your highn-.. Hilda." Little did either of them know, this would be the last time the two would share a tender moment such as this. For soon there would be all out war between the two nations and the queen would be mercilessly killed.[/center]

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Post by Alexander on Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:24 am

Everything looks good! And way to establish feels so early into this forums life. 3000 Soul/Resolve and 600 Essence

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