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Post by Keiko on Fri Jun 10, 2016 9:03 pm

The Bronze Dragon Shifter wandered through the streets of Aramore. The city was bustling with life, and more or less, things were peaceful. Though what was currently on everyone's mind was the arena, it was a popular spot for both citizens and warriors. The reasons were plain; it was a contest where any aspiring knight could test their skills, and it was the closest that people would ever get to seeing real live heroes in battle. Or at least, it was the closest any of them wanted to get to such a thing. Keiko would quietly ponder on it to herself.

It wouldn't be a bad way to get some training in... And a winner of such a contest would no doubt receive a prize... Still, there was something rather annoying about trying to find out exactly where this was going to take place. Most people turned heads towards her for the wrong reasons, she stuck out like a sore thumb. Aramore was primarily a Human city, and Dragon Shifters weren't the most commonplace. They weren't unheard of, but for Keiko it was even worse. People still thought her to be a walking omen of sorts. Bronze was just not very well documented.

It probably didn't help that she couldn't wear most conventional clothing due to the scales on her arms and legs. Her torso was left mostly vulnerable, so for that she wore armor. A Chainmail hauberk was the most she could afford at the moment, but it more than sufficed for training and rudimentary combat. And of course, on her back was a massive greatsword that even few men could hope to wield. Her features cut an intimidating sight for most everyone within the capital city, but she was also not an unknown. People knew that she had been taken in by the Knights.

Or at least, by the Captain who became her Father. So she didn't have to worry about being mobbed... But most people just kept their distance despite that. The Dragon Shifter would close her eyes, letting out a small sigh to herself.
"You'd think they would learn I'm not here to hurt any of them...", she muttered under her breath. Still, there wasn't much that could be done for it. All she could do was continue wandering until she overheard more conversations of the Arena... And someone who didn't back away at the very sight of her.

Finally, there was a bit of luck. A confident looking man in leather armor was talking about this contest with a few... Seemed to be fans, really. The Bronze Dragon Shifter would keep her pace right over to the small group that had gathered.
"Excuse me. This Arena I keep hearing about... Are they still accepting entrants?", she inquired. The crowd fell silent and made way for her. The man fell silent for a moment, taking in her appearance before then grinning to himself again. "Of course, though it's a little dangerous, you know."

He'd respond. To that, Keiko grinned a bit in return. "Oh? Why is that?", she retorted. He gulped a little nervously... He really didn't seem all that strong in the face of someone with true training. "Yeah... A lot of strong warriors are going to participate in it. Some have traveled far just to make it. The prize they have in store helps/", he explained. It only caused the girl to grow more intrigued about it. "Well then. Would you mind telling me where I can find this Arena? I think I shall join it."

He fell silent once more to consider his options... It almost seemed like he didn't like the prospect of fighting her in the Arena, but outside of it wasn't that much better. He'd let out a small breath and give a nod. "I'll show you the way.", he finally stated. He'd then begin leading the way through the streets, his fans staying behind, visibly frightened by Keiko... But it was as she said, she wasn't there to harm any of them. People just needed to relax a little, honestly... In any case, the pair had finally arrived.

It wasn't the grandest of structures. Certainly no colosseum that would attract all of the true Champions of Thera... But decidedly something that would work very well for getting her feet wet. What better way to improve ones skills than by fighting opponents on the same level? Although, if her guide was of any indication... Perhaps her foes would not be very strong at all.
"Here you are... And ah... Good luck!", he'd add, trying to sound rather friendly. Keiko would merely give a nod in response to him and approach the stall that had been set up.

"I'm here to participate in the Arena.", the Bronze Dragon Shifter stated to the woman sitting behind the wooden counter. She was busy sorting papers and didn't even look up at Keiko. "And what's your name?", she asked, sounding a little out of it as if she had been at this for entirely too long. "Keiko Ito.", the girl replied. Finally the woman would look up at Keiko and... Well, the shock was clear on her face, to put it mildly. But then she proceeded to laugh nervously, as if trying to cover it up.

"R-... Right then! Keiko Ito, I'll go ahead and add your name to the entrants, you can go wait over there. Feel free to practice your skills. When it's time for a match, we'll call your name.", she explained. "As for what you need to know... We've taken all of the necessary precautions; the ring has a magic dampener applied so that spells won't prove fatal. Obviously you can still be injured even with training weapons, but we have healers on hand in case anything goes wrong. Simply put, these aren't fights to the death."

That made sense. Thera was a dangerous place, but the Knights of Azeron tended to keep the peace well, and the stories she heard of Azeron himself... Well, it was easy to understand why he wouldn't like deathmatches to take place under his watch. Still, there wasn't much else to do but simply make her way over to a section off to the side of the ring. A number of fighters were patiently waiting for their names to be called. Some were far more eager than others. Even more were still trying to get last minute training or warmups in.

Keiko merely sat down on one of the free benches, crossing her arms and then opted to wait. She wanted her fighting style to be unknown, as that was an advantage she could make use of.... Though, eying the competition... It really wasn't going to take anything special to secure a victory. Keiko would just sigh to herself quietly, it really did make sense to start small. But... She was expecting so much more out of potential competition. Oh well, it would have to do for now. Several minutes would pass as she just sat in silence.

Finally an announcer would step into the ring, aiming to fire up the crowd that had gathered. Apparently it was time for the matches to start. Keiko even had the honor of being one of the first to step into the ring. As for her opponent? It was the man that escorted her here. He didn't seem entirely pleased with that at all... On some level, she could empathize with that. But he was a warrior, she would treat him like one. To do any less would really just add insult to injury.
"I kinda figured this would happen..."

He stated. "Still, was kinda hoping we're be the finalists first.", the man continued. Since this wasn't a fight to the death, both of them were given training weapons to make use of. He was wielding two wooden longswords, and she was wielding a wooden greatsword. It wasn't nearly as large as her true blade, but... It would do. The man in leather armor would break out into a sprint, weapons poised to strike! ...Keiko would merely let out another small sigh. Suddenly she'd lunge forward, her wooden blade in a thrust that was far too fast for anyone in the crowd to see.

Let alone her opponent. Instead people saw the aftermath, he was knocked clean off of his feet and onto his back. A hush would fall over the entire Arena... Keiko closed her eyes once more and eased out of stance... Then, the crowd erupted into cheer. The Bronze Dragon Shifter couldn't help but open her eyes in surprise of that. It was clear that she was the victor, and... Even though it was a short fight, people couldn't help but be impressed with that feat. Maybe this was good for more than just practice.

If nothing else, it'd give her a bit of fame. The Dragon Shifter would calmly exit the ring, and the healers would help the man out as well. Keiko merely returned to her seat on the bench and crossed her arms once more. There was nothing satisfying in that fight... Was the entire time here going to be like that? She genuinely hoped that wouldn't be the case. Though it would still earn her a nice little chunk of fame, and some Essence... Keiko wanted a truly enjoyable fight. Her blood craved it, this was her purpose. And nothing here could match her.

Several more matches would take place, and eventually she would be called back into the ring. This time she was facing off with a woman wielding a bo staff... She didn't look like a mage. Seemed like she would normally favor the spear, or at least a polearm. And at least all of the trash were knocked out by this point. Maybe this one would actually put up a little bit of a fight. Keiko would bring her greatsword into stance as she stared down the woman wielding the bo staff... Finally, the fighters would close the distance on each other.

She was definitely more skilled than the last fighter she had faced off with. Her wooden blade clashing against the pole several times, to the crowd, it must have seemed that they were an even fight. But... Keiko was just holding back, trying to see if her foe had any tricks to use. It steadily became apparent that wasn't the case. There was another shift in the air as she would bring the tip of her blade to the woman's neck, and then slash with great strength... Holding back just enough to be sure not to kill the woman, of course.

But it was the same as the first fight, another certain defeat with a single blow. And same as the first fight, she would leave the ring quietly and return to the bench. More time would pass, and it seemed that it had already been reduced to the finalists. By this point, however, Keiko had earned a name for herself. As soon as she stepped into the ring, the man facing off with her didn't seem to have any guts... He was better than everyone else here, sure. But Keiko was on a different league.

Still, he steeled himself for the fight and didn't back down. The Bronze Dragon Shifter had to respect him for that much, he'd charge towards her and swing his own blade downward at her. Keiko would move her blade to block with one hand... Then proceeding to push him back rather effectively. She had an advantage in strength, which became readily apparent by just how much she was managing to push him back.
"Is this really the extent of the fighters that came here to day? I'm disappointed.", the Bronze Dragon Shifter commented aloud as she continued forcing him to the edge of the ring.

Keiko would finally withdraw her sword and then thrust it towards the man, forcing him out of the ring. With that, she'd drop the wooden greatsword onto the ground and cross her arms. What a waste of time this entire thing turned out to be... Even so, the crowd seemed to be happy with the show, and it seemed she earned more than a few fans now. Maybe now people wouldn't be so quick to judge her, or maybe they would be more fearful of her. It was hard to tell, sometimes.

"Keiko Ito! You are now the Champion! Please return to the entry stall to be given your prize!", the Announcer would exclaim. Well... At least she'd have some Essence to show for it all. That was something. Keiko would once more make her way out of the ring and towards the woman who let her sign up earlier. Along the way, she had actually gotten a little distracted by people that approached her for autographs, or such things of a similar make. The Bronze Dragon Shifter didn't really see value in it, but if people wanted to respect her...

Then she could take a little time out of the day to at least talk to them. It's not like her prize was going anywhere. It mostly boiled down to her receiving a lot of praise for her skills. It... Wasn't really that she was skilled. It was just that her opponents had no idea how to really keep themselves alive in a fight. Keiko wagered that if she went to an actual event held in a colosseum, or had been a part of the Knights.... She wouldn't compare to any of those warriors. Still, she thanked them for it.

Finally she was able to make her way over to the stall.
"Hey there! I saw all of your fights, they were pretty impressive! Since you are the Champion, you get the biggest prize!", with that, she'd hand a sack filled with Essence to the Bronze Dragon Shifter, who gladly accepted it. Keiko weighed it a little. It really wasn't the largest sum, but it was more than what she had. She couldn't deny that much. "Thank you.", she'd respond, then walking away from the stall and the Arena that had been set up for the event.

Along the way, she was counting the Essence she had received... Chances are, she wouldn't be able to afford very much with this at all. But at least she could save it up, maybe there would be more lucrative opportunities in the future. Although Keiko had to admit that she was more excited over the prospect of a challenging fight rather than large sums of money...
"Maybe I should try my luck outside of Aramore...", the Bronze Dragon Shifter quietly mused to herself. But hey, there was still plenty of the city to go through first...

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Boring Outcomes (Solo) Empty Re: Boring Outcomes (Solo)

Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:16 pm

W..well then, this was a nice solo. You've got some nice gains. xD

You've earned 12,500 Soul/Resolve and 2,500 Essence ya crazy bastard xD

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