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Post by Jarvis Rosewater on Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:01 pm

A cigar in his lips and a bit of a smirk as well. Rosewater walked casually down the steps out the entrance of the Kitty's Desire. Securing his sword at this hip and revolver at his opposite side of his sword. Lightly adjusting his belt as well. Patting his chest to ensure his flask was still present and his coin bag at the back of his belt as well. The rest of his goods were back at a lodging he'd took up at a secret little safe house he'd set up in the port a few weeks prior. Safe and less chances of anyone getting a jump on him or trying to steal from him when he was out and about gathering Intel or working on jobs of sorts. At the moment he just tried to ensure the pinked haired fox and her blue scaled dragon boy companion hadn't taken anything other then some innocence from rosewater himself the last couple days he'd been staying her. Only departing now that he'd had his appetites nearly fully sated if not gorged in all manner from food to carnal pleasures. An of course the deal was completed with the Oni owner who now had all the imports he desired and a steady deal contract set up with the contact who'd sent Jarvis to set up proper deal. On the up and up Jarvis now had this place as well now for a hide spot. As well as free anything he wanted that it offered when he pleased. Not something he would abuse but he'd most certainly at least be back sometime in the future for one reason or another.

The walk through the alley's would have left most people a little worried if they were foreign to the more dark parts of the great port town. Yarrose's dirtiest of gems but one that held many secrets and great rewards if people truly knew where to look. Rosewater himself didn't have such worries or problems moving about. He knew most at least of the towns web's of travel. An could traverse them as naturally as if he himself was the spider that weaved the intricate web himself. Walking casually in his rather fine for someone of his status apparel. Drawing in and exhaling large puffs of smoke from his cigar of imported tobacco from the lands of Ijiri. As well as soaked in the magical oils to add to its relaxing effects when smoked and inhaled. A final parting gift nabbed when he'd finally departed his friends establishment. He would take his time making his way towards the docks rather then the more settled area of the robust city. Keeping a relaxing pace though enjoying the sun above ad warm smoke bellowing through his lungs and then out his lips in rings he'd send soaring through the air in playful rings. He still had to collect his other pay now that the job was settled from his man at the docks. An then perhaps poke into any other quick work. Nothing to fancy though. Jarvis was more in the mood to take it easy then work truly. Even if his last job had hardly involved work by anyone's standards. The fact he talked fast and knew how to keep things relaxed and truly knew the man he'd be dealing with all factored in choosing him to go in as the outsider middle man. But positive results gained good light all the same.

It took only a half hour to get to the brothel and inn to the docks. Only making one quick stop at his safe house burrowed into hidden not shut down store house for the shipping area of town. Leaving a few extra smokes of what he'd got back at the brothel there and slipping a picture or two he'd had taken for remembrance with the kitsune and dragon into his journal he kept stashed in his bag. A old device made them that let the user capture instant images like paintings in a flash. One of the last of its kind. It was a miracle the thing even worked but it was another specialty that helped draw in the crowd. Getting to have a picture with your favorite employee was a nice little gift for a few of the more high in society yet discreet customers.

After this was done though it wasn't long until the misty air of the docks could be breathed in just about the time he finished his cigar. Dropping the remaining end to the ground and slicking his boot heel upon it to extinguish any remaining embers. The smell of sea and salt in the air now replacing the more savory sweet taste of his prior smoke. The bustling sound of ships being unloaded of several kids could be heard and seen for quite a distance. Goods coming in bound for the capital and indeed truly for all over this country. There was quite a bit of business and imports that started when it entered the country of Yarosse right here. Oddly enough of it most the highest in value as well was usually strictly off the books. "Lively place as ever... Better get this over with. I don't wanna get caught up all day here." Rosewater would say in a huff but keeping his green and cool relaxed expression as he'd head off towards the dock offices.

Shipping lane six was where he'd need to go today. Some work for a small imports smuggling ring. The main people themselves often preferring to use contract connections to run the jobs like Jarvis did then themselves often. Helped keep them in a air of deniability if the Grand Seers and guards of the city ever found out or caught wind of any less then legal misdoings. Really it was just the fear of getting arrested. Of course this suited Rosewater just fine given it made them just one other connection he could usually always expect to have a job or two at the ready when he or others dependable and like him walked through the door in need of some coin or favors of one sort or another.

The door to the dock office at the shore of the harbor opened with a dingy squeal on old rusted hinges. A light jingle of a bell hiding some of the sound as Jarvis made his way inside. Quickly being seen by a rather short gruff old man behind a desk nearby and a pair of dim looking but not to be trifled with sort of appearing gentlemen at either side of him. Their armor was hardly high price but it was good enough to protect them and their weapons seemed to always have a hand resting on their hilts. "Cautious as always old man? You didn't go and piss off anyone from the other guilds or one of those old mage Seers did you?" Jarvis stating smacking his hand on the door a couple taps with wrap taps as he he shut it behind him. The old man looking up with wide eyes in reaction. Jarvis clearly mocking him as if implying the old man needed extra sound to let his hearing catch up.

The old man a withered thing but with eyes that hinted at the lion he once was began to cough several times as he seemed to be beginning to try and speak. Setting down his feather pin near a ink jar and stopped writing on his shipping manifests. He was creating new ones to leave off the goods that weren't going to be sent in in the reports to avoid taxes and also anyone finding out about the less legal goods that were brought in on the ships in his watch and supervision. There was also a few goods here and there put around in the building's interior. Even the the more honest in their cargo's content often tried to offer now and again light tribute to avoid the high taxes placed on some even legal imports. "The fellow brothers in such works know better ways to handle problems then with violence. I would never fear them. An the Seers don't care about a little minor under the table business dealings here ad there. They have other things to deal with like running this noble country of ours after all." The old man would say trying to casually and as if trying to sound as if he held wisdom passing down knowledge as he explained his opinions. "More about a old business partner however. The old man Orasanni. My prior partner you may remember it seemed got cold feet after our last job had more... delicate imports brought in secretly. There were some problems as well that seemed to anger him. His conscious seems to have gotten to him. I assume its safe to explain to you given you only come here for a select few sets of reasons." The old man would say clearly quick to shove a job at Jarvis. Rosewater quick to grin, After all if the man was already throwing out such bits of info he'd want it done badly. This was the kind of job you could gouge up the price rather quickly. "I came for the pay for the brothel job. I set you up with a steady bit of gold remember. You just keep their goods coming. So I want my essence and then if you want to explain... I might be interesting in this Orasanni business. Guy was always kinda iffy anyway. Never seemed to have the heart for this business anyway. The coin on the other hand... Heh that help keep anyone's morals at bay for a time." Jarvis would say walking up to the desk with and arrogant aura and smug grin. It from the expression on his face left a bitter distaste in the old mans mouth. But it was quickly pushed out of his mind it seemed as with a wave of his hand.

One of the guards would walk to the back of the room and shift through papers then open a small lock box and beginning counting out several coins to slip into a small leather pouch. Jarvis's prior pay no doubt. But he was quick to begin rambling on before Jarvis could speak up about it or push to move faster. "You could handle it however you wanted. I just want to make sure he's not gonna go running his mouth or accidentally grow to big a heart and maybe tell the guards." He'd say. "Sounds like your scared a little old man. What was in the cargo anyway? What would he care about a few problems. Maybe if I knew a bit more I could help out or have a better angle of how to handle it. I'm not saying yes... Not yet. But I might be interested with a little more explanation as I expressed." Jarvis would say sitting in the chair across from the desk. Opposite side of the old man. Jarvis's boots kicking up one then the other crossing upon the edge of the desk. Folding his hands over his laps as he reclined lightly in the chair letting his feet anchor him from failing back in his chair. The old man roughly clearing his throat. The gesture ignored.

"To put it bluntly. We were moving people. Criminals mainly and a slave or two. People looking for passage who couldn't afford the usual manners of travel. Those kind of things. But the hidden conditions didn't work with all of them and the dangers of sea travel left a few of them sick or dying if not already dead. Orassani found out the slaves and one other refuge didn't make it and seemed to be pained by it. Raving about how such misdoings of our positions was wrong. An this or that whining all the same. He simply couldn't accept the burden of a job like this I suppose. Accidents happen after all." Jarvis had put his feet down half way through the explanation. A little caught off guard. Illegal moving of people was far different then moving spice or drugs. Possible slaves too was just... eerie. He'd heard stories of the worst of the worst in business like this. It wasn't the kid of people or stuff you wanted to go messing with if you wanted to live a long life and still have some feeling left in your soul doing it. But still... questioning it here of all places wouldn't have been good. Nor would walking away after hearing this delicate information. So he'd use his wits and like always make sure to do the most lucrative decision that also would end with him still alive and at lest risk tomorrow. This was also why he preferred a more freelance approach to his work. "Also... don't forget. He hired you a time or two as well. Who knows how big his heart might grow. He might try and talk about more then just us after all." The idea leaving a even worse taste now in Jarvis's mouth. Looking away for a moment as he thought on it before returning his eyes to the old man. "I can already assume what your implying. You want me to scare him... Or make him go away don't you." He'd say back. Jarvis feeling a sickness in his gut at the idea. As mildly skilled as he was in his acts. Actually going beyond threads and roughing up someone here or there Jarvis wasn't really all that skilled in the acts of actual murder. It wasn't what he favored and the idea of it churned his stomach.

"You can handle it how you want! Just so long as he doesn't go talking to anyone. After all I assume you wouldn't let me down after all. You know what to do to make sure we all stay happy. Me and the other brothers will be very pleased to see you can be trusted with this after all. You don't want anyone thinking you're going soft too after all do you?" The old man would say. Clearly it was something they wanted taken care of and it was starting to look like something he really couldn't say no to after all at all either. As well as a job he'd have to make sure had a solid ending. It wasn't what he wanted today. But it was clear it was what he was gonna get now whether he liked it or favored it not. "You're a real piece of work old man. But I know how to get things done. I've survived this long on my own after all.... Just tell me where to find him. An I'll get it done. You better have a big pay delivery as well for this one. I'm not as foolish as their other sea rats you employ. If your going to empty consequences to me you're gonna pay properly in turn for success. A sea dog may have fangs but a street rat has smarts... Don't forget that." He'd say the old man giving a smug snort. A small but decent bag of essence tossed o the desk by the gruff body guard. Jarvis would scoop it up and slip it behind him in the pouch attached to his belt to hold his gold and a few other small trinkets. "He has a home in the more high standard areas of our lovely little Tarnweinne. This should help you find his little villa there." Sliding a piece of paper to Jarvis that was accepted with a bit of of a grumble.

"He may have guards. I'm unsure how upset he truly is but he has cut off most ties with our work. We want to make sure he either knows to silent and happy in his new retirement or he stays silent to everything if you know my meaning. He always wears that old pendant of his I'm sure you've seen from time to time. Get it and have it sent to me so I know the job is done one way or another. If he still breathes as well... Send him to me after. So I can be sure you haven't failed me. Get this all done and and the dragon's paw will have a room and delivery to look forward to for you. I'm sure you'll be satisfied for what we decide is a good payment for you for that. Certainly better then a little coin and a few whores like the last deal." Implying he knew of Jarvis's own side reward negotiated as part of the deal. Of course even if it wasn't exactly agreed on before hand all or at least most middle men often did such things. It was more so the real pay given how the main rewards were usually only involved with their actually contacts in the end not themselves. Honor among thieves but a bite in every pay perhaps.

"I'll take care of it soon... Just try not to make it more complicated then it has to be." Rosewater would say rising from his seat and clearly ready to leave before he got strong armed into something else he didn't really want any part in. But just about the time he'd reach the door he'd hear not far behind him. "Wait!" Jarvis's hand on the side of him they couldn't see him as his other side faced them his hand on the door. His more hidden side's hand twitched worried it might need to go towards his pistol. "I may look into sending someone else with you. Confirmation by sight of completion so we have more then just trinkets and words. No one to much to worry about probably some other freelance. Go wait at the dragon's paw for the next couple days. Tell them to put it on my tab and wait till someone comes to meet you. Then you can take them and do it. Not before... An my friend. Always a pleasure working you. Enjoy your essence and your youth while you have them." He'd say with a chuckle a little upset he'd have to deal with a partner. But he just wanted out at that point and merely snorted and gave a nod before departing. The infernal bell ringing as he slammed the squeaky hinged door with rust closed behind him.

Letting out a sigh and taking in a long drawn out deep breath of the salty sea air this close to the harbor. "Old bastard... At least a couple free meals and room at a better inn are coming out of it too. God I hope this turns out alright. I really hate how some of these arse holes do business." He'd say making his way away from the harbor with perhaps less joy in his step then when he'd arrived. Moving towards the more settled end of town for commerce and the Dragon's Paw. A decent enough place to have some dinner and begin his rather droll wait on whoever the old man could con into taking this job. A dreary whistling beginning from Jarvis's lips as he made his way down the street. Curious exactly how this all was gonna turn out.

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Another Day, Another Bag of Essence. SOLO Empty Re: Another Day, Another Bag of Essence. SOLO

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You gained 7,350 Soul and Resolve! You also gained 2,205 Essence! Good read!

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