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Quit Wasting Time ( Solo, suggestive themes(?) ) Empty Quit Wasting Time ( Solo, suggestive themes(?) )

Post by Ulysse Heinrich on Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:43 am

"You've got to be kidding me." Ulysse growled as he made his way up a long staircase. Behind him were two other seers in armor similar to his due to a matching color schemes of dark colors and other colors associated with royalty. The difference being the two seers wear robe bottoms and hoods to conceal their faces. "Ulysse, please.. There's no reason to be this angry." One of the two stated. Ulysse stopped dead in the middle of taking his next step, he planted his foot firmly and stared ahead.

From the front, you could tell Ulysse was really angry. He brought the foot that was a stair ahead of the other back down to the same step as the one in the back and turned to face the two mages that had froze. The seer was about to yell when a thought came to him, seemingly calming him down to some degree. He narrowed his eyes for a second before arching a brow as he came to a realization and something akin to a question. "Why are you two even following me? Do I seem like I need bodyguards?" Ulysse asked, and without waiting for an answer he through his hands forward and shoved the two other seers hard causing both of them to stumble back.

With a satisfied grin Ulysse watched as the two mages began to fall down the long set of stairs. Laughing to himself as the two seers that were falling began to make pained noises. As sadistic as it sounded, it helped to ease his foul mood just a bit. The mage spun back around and continued up the stairs, this time with increased speed skipping several stairs at a time.

He reached the top of the tower and shoved a door open, causing it to slam into the wall breaking the silence in the room on the other side. There were several work tables in the room, and anyone with even a simple understanding of magic or a slight connection to the Flow would feel slightly invigorated due to the sheer amount of Essence inside the room being used to create.. well, you should know.

Essence fiber was only used for one thing. And this was the reason Ulysse was so absolutely livid. The mage clenched his teeth as he looked around the room, watching other, clearly lower-tier mages at various work tables around the room manipulate essence into a physical form and then use some strange looking sowing machines to combine them with a special thread generally used to embroider mage robes so that sorceries and other such spells would be enhanced. "Essence.. The Flow physically manifested onto the mortal plane. Used for something as.. perverted as this?! What sort of sick minds are running Ornweinne! Who is the vulgar idiot that came up with them! I demand that all production of these items stop IMMEDIATELY!"

Ulysse raised his hand and sent forth a shockwave of air, sending essence and pseudo-sowing machines flying and knocking some mages to the floor. It was only then that the workers gave him their attention. "I have a new job for all of you! Bring all the essence as well as these 'suggestive items', incomplete or not to my quarters in the seer tower. Go, now!" He ordered as he stepped away from the doorway. Crossing his arms and waiting impatiently.

Workers and mages scrambled to gather everything Ulysse had ordered them to and hurried out of the room, and in record time the room was empty say for the sowing machines and tables. Ulysse had not moved an inch, instead he stood where he had been with his eyes closed and head slightly bowed as he began to think deeply.

Once he got back to his quarters in the grand seer's tower to retrieve his 'delivery', he would carry it all down to his workshop in the lower cities where commoners or non-mages of the lower to middle class lived. It was a nice little secret place where he could not be disturbed and his plans would not be discovered. 'If essence can be changed into other materials through magic, perhaps I could find a more practical use for the fibers. Turn them into thread to make special clothes, maybe..' He thought to himself, making a disgusted face as he thought more on what the fibers had been used on up until this point.

Clothes would certainly make for a good use of essence fibers, though. They could perhaps prove to enhance one's connection to the flow and provide even more boosts to magical abilities. Or even provide more protections for those mages who struggled in sword fights as it was. Perhaps make archers that used regular bows or crossbows even more useless than they already were proving to be. Guns were sort of the new big thing when it came to ranged fighting aside from spells.

Yes, the condoms would still be made, there was no changing that. This was simply one of the places the, as Ulysse called them, 'perverted things' were made. Outside the eye of the public just to be transported to stores specifically for selling adult items when they were complete. Ulysse only needed the one as it was sure to have a sufficient amount of essence for him to create something of his own. Or at least do a little experimenting.

He would need a willing subject to test this new form of attire. One without a strong enough connection to the flow to cast spells and maybe another mage. Perhaps an illegal one so they won't go spouting off to a seer about what Ulysse was doing. This was indeed a good plan to have, if these essence fiber clothes proved to be of good use he would keep them hidden from pretty much everyone say for himself and the chosen associates he did not yet have.

The seer had heard of various cults and coven's popping up in the Deep Dark. Groups of people dedicated to the use of illegal magic and practicing its uses. Then there was also the port city connecting the three nations Ulysse knew of where the merchant's guild ran things and made excessive use of illusion magic to keep things under wraps.

Unfortunately for them, Ulysse was no simple seer and he was no stranger to foul play. He could very likely counter most illusion magics with his own and have no regrets over it being 'illegal'. His intentions were meant to benefit him and eventually all of Yarrose from his perspective, and that was all that mattered to him.

Grinning to himself the rogue seer stepped out of the room and left the tower. Stepping over the two mages that were now in crumpled heaps on the floor at the bottom of the aforementioned set of stairs without paying them much mind beyond simply acknowledging their presence just enough for him to step over them.
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