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[Just need skills and passives WIP] Ulysse Heinrich Empty [Just need skills and passives WIP] Ulysse Heinrich

Post by Ulysse Heinrich on Thu Jun 16, 2016 5:30 pm

Ulysse Walther Heinrich

[Just need skills and passives WIP] Ulysse Heinrich FpXYVRA

Name: Ulysse Walther Heinrich
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Black Dragon Shifter ( Darkness )
Birthplace: Yarrose, Ornweinne
Starting Location: Yarrose, Ornweinne

Born as the son of an upstanding aristocrat, Ulysse's mother was but a whore. Upon learning she had given birth his father took the child and killed the mother rather than risk his reputation. This would come to spawn the resentment towards the father. The father came to despise having to take care of the boy but was saved as a grand seer approached and offered the child a home, even offering to bring him into their ranks once he had gained enough experience. Despite Ulysse's protests the father sent him off to be taught under the grand seers. Day by day they slowly and methodically molded Ulysses into what he is today


    [PHY-1] Riposte
    This is but a simple thrusting attack setting up for the true riposte. [Hits for 30% Resolve, and makes it 10% easier to counter/parry the next time Ulysse does so.]

    [PHY-1] Dragon Roar
    The sound of this blood curdling roar sends chills down most people's spines leaving them frozen in fear. However there's more to it than that. Ulysse rears his head and lets out a roar, sending a shock wave of energy out from him that knocks enemies away from him. [30% of Resolve damage, 15% when split at all and stuns for a single turn.]

    [PHY-1] Siege Breaker
    Ulysse uses all his might to strike a target with both hands. [Hits for 50% Resolve, but stuns Ulysse as a result of all the effort put into the strike.]


    [SP-1] Forbidden Phrase: Ikuripusu Ulysse can fire this spell from incredibly long distances in the form of a black bolt of magic. Once it connects it does not do damage on his own, Ulysse must clench his hand into a fist at just the right time to make the bolt explode. Should he succeed, the area around the bolt and thus its target will implode in on itself and expand suddenly creating a massive explosion. [Roll a d10, rolling a one immediately puts the target in a critical state and rolling a two will hit them for half of their health. This spell cannot mechanically kill or completely knock out a target. Flavor effect: Put against structures, Eclipse will almost always destroy them.]

    [SP-1] Forbidden Phrase: Runa
    When cast, a tercet of nefarious orbs of foul, wicked arcane energy will manifest and engulf a selected enemy target within their merciless embrace before explosively imploding. [Deals 35% Damage (due to dragon shifter racial) and stuns for a single turn.]

    [HP-1] Forbidden Phrase: Rizaia
    Capturing a foe in a dark, vampiric embrace Ulysse sucks the life from his target in a decidedly painful manner. [Self-heal only. Deals 30% damage due to dragon shifter racial and heals Ulysse for 25% as the dragon shifter racial does not affect heals.]


    [PAS-1] Sudden Doom
    Ulysse can take on two full actions rather than one.

    [PAS-1] Commanding Presence
    Allies around deal 5% more damage.

    [PAS-1] Critical Block
    When blocking, roll a d6 (1, 2, 3) to hit back for 30% of the damage blocked

    (Racial) [PAS-1] Give Me a Chance
    When Ulysse spares a target in a critical state, they have a strange compulsion to give up the fight. This is exactly what Ulysse aims for and rather than finish the foe he aids them in hopes of gaining them as an ally- provided he sees some form of use in them. [Mechanically, if Ulysse puts someone in a critical state where he can kill or knock them out, rather than either of those two he may take them aside for a thread or two. For flavor, this is an attempt at making an ally out of a fallen foe for the duration of the two threads. At the end of the two threads they may do as they wish. The 'target' is not locked into the two threads, and to give incentive, both Ulysse and the 'target' get 5% more gains for the duration of the two threads.]

Include weapon of choice
1,000 Essence
Arondight (see mythical weapon app)
Dark Tome

Roleplay Example: (OPTIONAL)
Pretty straightforward, show us an example of your roleplay! It can be as long or as short as you want. Recommended to have one hundred words per paragraph, then double space and start on another.
Ulysse Heinrich
Ulysse Heinrich

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[Just need skills and passives WIP] Ulysse Heinrich Empty Re: [Just need skills and passives WIP] Ulysse Heinrich

Post by Alexander on Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:15 pm

Everything looks good to me, approved!

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