A Chance Encounter (Open for Ulysse and Abele)

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A Chance Encounter (Open for Ulysse and Abele) Empty A Chance Encounter (Open for Ulysse and Abele)

Post by Laerwen Nalldel on Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:06 am

Laerwen couldn't help but look around and stare, all the trees, small animals, everything was just so.. natural for the lack of a better word. She had never seen natural wildlife aside from the hideous creatures that made the Crater Floor their home. The sun however would still take some getting used to, as any time she didn't use the shade offered by her hat or hood she was practically blinded, even then though her eyes would often hurt still.

Finally after a few minutes of walking Lae decided to duck under a tree and sit down. She began to think to herself on how peaceful the overworld really was. Funny enough however, in the deepest, darkest crevice of her mind she despised it. She didn't know why but part of her craved for the sadistic pleasures that she experienced while in Haven, perhaps it was simply because that is what she was raised with? Nevertheless, she tried to suppress the thought. After all, what were the chances that she'd have a legitimate reason to sew chaos and pain.

"It's so quiet, no screams.. no cries for mercy. Not even laughter!" Lae muttered under her breath, still in a small amount of amazement regarding her new surroundings. Deciding to take this opportunity without any hesitation, Lae grinned and tipped her hat forward so that it obscured her face and leaned her head back against the tree. She then muttered a silent phrase as her very being would vanish. Now she just had to hope that no one or nothing would trip on her. However with that she decided to meditate, using all but a small sliver of mind power to keep her spell going, the rest going to thinking on what it is she would do next.
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