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Post by Laerwen Nalldel on Mon Jun 13, 2016 6:59 am

Laerwen Nalldel

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Name: Laerwen Nalldel
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Birthplace: Haven
Starting Location: Haven

As a child Laerwen was always a target for hate and bullies due to her innocent nature, but she had one protector. A boy who always wore deep blue clothes, soon she came to think of him as something of a guardian. She specifically loved to refer to him as a guardian fairy thanks to his typically playful nature. Slowly he taught her various lessons regarding life itself, pulled her out of a dark place in their mind where she even considered suicide, at a mere 7 years old. She developed an unbreakable bond with the man. However one day he vanished. Laerwen grew increasingly worried and fearful, one by one her previous tormentors targeted her once again. Though she struggled through the times in hopes the man would return. She would eventually venture out, now determined to find him and lead him back to her, no matter what the cost.


  • [PHY-1] Staff Strike
    Laerwen strikes her enemy with the head of her staff (30% Resolve)

  • [PHY-1] Bloodletter
    Laerwen draws from her belt a jagged dagger and thrusts it into her opponent. (25% Resolve + Bleed for 3 turns)

  • [PHY-1] Low Blow
    Thanks to her looks, Laerwen has had to deal with many a creep in her time, luckily she has developed a decent attack from her manners of defense.. (1 turn stun + 35% Resolve)


  • [SP-1] Cover
    Laerwen alters her very being, rendering her completely invisible. (Lasts until any action other than movement is taken)

  • [SP-1] Misguided
    Laerwen pulls a devilish trick and alters the appearance of one enemy to all of the others as well as her own, giving the enemy her appearance while taking on theirs in response. (Lasts 3 turns)

  • [SP-1] Reanimate
    Laerwen summons forth an undead minion. (Attacks for 25% of her Resolve)

  • [SP-1] Toxic Missile
    Laerwen fires forth a sickly green missile of raw magic (Poison + -1 Stamina for 2 turns)

  • [SP-1] Thorned Blood
    Laerwen draws her dagger and slices open her palm, she then slings blood onto her enemy while willing it to solidify and sharpen. If her enemy is bleeding however, she can simply use their own blood and cause it to damage them from within. (10% Resolve if her blood is used. 35% if an enemies own blood as used as well as 2 more turns placed on the bleed)


  • Look of Innocence
    Laerwen possesses a look of raw innocence, lulling her enemies into a sense of false security. (-5% damage)

  • Elven Blood
    Thanks to her elven blood, animals such as lions or bears aren't initially hostile, and would even allow her to rest with them. (Natural animals are not hostile until provoked)

  • Curse of Night
    As the moon rises, Laerwen slowly loses her sense of rationality. Due to a curse set upon her as an infant, she becomes a version of a creature that most parents tell children about to prevent them from wandering at night, the mythical Vampire. (+5% damage from holy weapons as well as an increased 5% damage output from blood magic at night)

Inventory: Haven Witch robes, armor, and hat. Crater map. Mystical Staff (Appearance)
1,000 Essence

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