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Post by Alexander on Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:14 am

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A mysterious race if ever there was one. It is believed that Elves were once humans who upon their creation were heavily exposed to The Flow. This then appeared to cause them to be heavily attuned to magic and the general use of magic. Some have even been observed to tattoo ancient and mythical runes to their skin due to believing it will increase their magical capabilities. Elves have also been noted to be heavily attuned to nature, typically forming very well hidden communities in the canopies of Thera's thickest forests. All in all this race sits as an enigma to any who hasn't lived among them.

Well Attuned: Due to becoming heavily attuned to the flow, upon use of a magical attack or ability, its effect is increased by 5%!

Arcane Knowledge: Thanks to their expansive knowledge of the arcane, elves start with an extra two spell slots!

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