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Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Sat Jun 11, 2016 7:04 am

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Oni are.. a touchy subject in most places. Especially religious cities such as Aramore. Oni are born naturally corrupted- at least physically speaking. Possessing sharpened teeth, horns, or things like that. Physical corruption can manifest in any form, really. Though most of the times they are features considered to be inherently evil. In reality, Oni are a subspecies of human that have adapted to the corruption of the flow. It is not something evil, it is simply evolution at work. However, that doesn't mean an Oni cannot embrace this corruption and really truly become something far more sinister than what most people would make your standard Oni out to be.

Evolution at Work: The average human is a step down from an Oni. They are quicker, stronger, and most of all hateful towards the race that oppresses them the most. (Versus humans, Demons get a 10% battle bonus and inflict 5% more damage)

Corrupted Flow: Their souls having passed through the corrupted parts of the flow at least once before they were put into the body of a newborn child and coming into existance, Oni's possess some boosts.. albeit at a certain cost. (Oni's get 10% more Soul gains but 5% of their damage must always be corrupted or dark)

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