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Post by Gwyneveire Llwelyn on Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:40 am

Fairy JevzAmE
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The first of the three races under the major family of "Fae". These beings tend to be female, though rare exceptions appear now and again. They are born from nature itself, the excess elemental energy used in restoring the world to life once more after the apocalypse formed into these beings, something of an ironic turn of events given the dark past that lead into the creation of such cheerful creatures. Tiny, mischievous, and child-like, they do not go above the kneecaps of average adult humans as far as height is concerned. They are colorful, and always tied to a specific element. They tend to be numerous and spread out across the land, not being in one specific place, and also not always tied to their particular element.

They are fairly strong despite their size, boasting an amazing resolve... Though their bodies are very fragile too. They sport wings on their backs, and colorful clothes, no one really understands where they come from, given the recentness of their creation, none of the surviving bloodlines from the ancient times have yet to observe them for long, even despite how widespread the fairies are. They are curious pranksters, and yet while they tend to play pranks on other races, their pranks are harmless at best, being no more dangerous than a splash of water on the face of someone unsuspecting, or a trick in a forest. The dangerous mischief is instead far more common in their sister family - The Imps.

Mystic Wings of Nature - Due to all fairies sporting wings, they can fly without any magical or technological aid.

Small but strong - Fairies are weak to damage, and their powers are easy to underestimate, however even these cheerful little beings can be powerful when pushed. They gain a 35% boost to their Resolve when they are near death.
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