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Post by Keiko on Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:39 pm

If you're here to find out the mechanics of skills, spells, and passives then this won't help you! You want to go HERE instead!

Skill & Spell Slots
0-10k Resolve = 3 slots, Level 1s only
11-20k Resolve = 6 slots, level 2s allowed
21-30k Resolve = 9 slots, level 3s allowed
50-70k Resolve = 12 slots
90k Resolve = 15 slots
120k Resolve = 18 slots
150k Resolve = 20 slots

Passive Slots
0-10k Soul = 3 slots, Level 1s only
11-20k Soul = 6 slots, level 2s allowed
21-30k Soul = 9 slots, level 3s allowed
50-70k Soul = 12 slots
90k Soul = 15 slots
120k Soul = 18 slots
150k Soul = 20 slots

Learning Abilities

You can learn new skills, spells, and passives whenever you want. But you'll need to get them through the approval process, and then you'll need to dedicate a training thread to learning them. You can practice your abilities in live combat, but know that this is more risky and if against a player, you'll need to make sure they're alright with that first. There is no limitation on how many you can learn in a given thread; if you have the slots and the abilities approved, go for it.

Note that you do not need to have your character learn any of the skills, spells, or passives that they start with in their application. However if you choose to start with none or less than your allowance, you will need to go through approval and learning for new abilities, same as everyone else.

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