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Post by Alexander on Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:55 pm

The year is 9742, three thousand years ago there was a great civilization which had established complete control over the world of Thera. This civilization had reached a new level of technology and overall knowledge even the wisest of scholars could only dream of. However, this civilization had grown arrogant. Over several periods of time, the great leaders of this civilization known only as the Archons, warned their people that their endless greed for more advancements would eventually seal the doom of possibly the entire planet. It was the Archon Serileth who decided to take fate into her own hands as she summoned forth seven mighty storms. One storm carried the sands of the south to the north, engulfing the great seas that surrounded the land. The second brought fire, which scorched the sands turning them to glass, solidifying the seas and filling the air with fragments which could cut through the strongest armors. In the south meanwhile, the previous heat was intensified, causing all colonies and cities to erupt into flame burning everyone alive. The third brought snow and ice, turning northern peoples to timeless sculptures enveloped in fierce snowstorms. The fourth storm brought intense waves of Magick, ripped from the very heart of thera, a stream of magick known as the flow began to lash out at mages and all others who excelled in the use of their mana. These men and women were brutally transformed into raving abominations which attacked anything they saw on sight. The remaining numbers of mankind and other sentient species retreated underground leading to the fifth storm. Thera began to shake ferociously causing massive cave-ins throughout the underground tunnels forcing people either deeper in or back to the brutal surface. The sixth storm brought forth the rage of Thera as volcanic eruptions engulfed the surface and filled caves with volcanic rock, ultimately leveling the planets surface as deep caverns caused by the previous earthquakes were filled as well. Finally, the seventh storm brought water. Water which covered Theras surface and continuously rised, engulfing every structure which had survived the previous storms and leaving all surface dwellers to drown. After 2000 years, life had began anew, land masses formed from sections of rock which had through the flow of magick risen to the surface of the waters of the seventh storm. In these sections were remnants of caves in which were the surviving fragments of civilization, now having been forced to start anew as their technologies and borderline perfect bloodlines were lost. Some fragments have risen which hold ancient structures left behind by the Archons as a last attempt at preserving their society. As life once more returns to Thera though, a new chapter of history begins, with countless discoveries to be made, both new and old.

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