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Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Wed Jun 08, 2016 4:21 am

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Lupines are a race very closely similar to man. The difference being some visible and some not-so-visible traits. Lupines have fuzzy years and bushy tails, nice and fluffy and soft to the touch when taken care of properly. Lupines are often warriors- loyal ones, at that. Very honorable in fights and respectful of those that they think deserves it. In areas heavily populated with Lupines, one will find that their architecture may be simple but at the same time very unique. You won't find anything like it anywhere else. This simple and yet exotic architecture makes for incredibly cozy homes.

Over Protective: A Lupine is protective by its very nature. In the face of danger, they will protect their loved ones at any and all costs. (A Lupine may clash abilities with an enemy that has launched a spell or skill at one of their allies. The skill they use is up to them, but the attack gains a 15% bonus. This attack can break posting order. Only done once per thread.)

Die by the Sword: A Lupine backed into a corner with no hope will.. even then, not give up. Usually honor-bound, the Lupine persists through the fighting and aims to win if only for the sake of keeping their honor intact. (In a near death state, the Lupine's Soul is increased by 25% once per death enabled thread)
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