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Post by Gwyneveire Llwelyn on Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:38 am

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Gnome are the final sub-race in the Fae family, they are far more mystical. Said to be born from the excess energy of the flow, they are somewhat more wise than the other two races, yet also far more determined. Much like both Imps and Fairies, Gnome only come up to the kneecaps of average adult humans. Their skin color is fairly interesting, instead of pale or plain, it's often a light shade of blue or pink or even other ranges of shades, as well they have odd elven ears that very in size and shape as much as their bodies do.

They live mostly in the ruins of the ancient cities, the ones still untouched by other races, often preferring the architecture over their own. They understand the technology of the ancients as little as all others do, and yet they've been observed trying to use it to varying success. They also seem to have interesting ties to the mystic worlds given what creates them, they can interact with these worlds in an ethereal form, being unable to physically intervene with anything, only their words and appearance can reach those in these mystic places. They are mostly peaceful, though they prefer to avoid contact with outsiders, as such to any other race, their ways are mysterious and mostly misunderstood.

Mystical Comms - The Gnome are born from the flow, and have a tether to the mystical realms as a result, one may speak with those that have died, though they cannot physically interact or intervene with them.

Iron Will - Gnome are tough bodied, and determined, when they are near death, they gain a 40% boost to their Soul.
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