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Post by Alexander on Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:58 pm

Death, it is inevitable. However, when the Reaper mows a hero's soul is not truly lost. Instead a hero will find that their soul will make its way to the afterlife. It is here where the soul can recuperate or struggle and battle its way back. Below you shall find all rules and regulations regarding said afterlife.

The Afterlife Grim-Reaper-iron-on-transfers-1

Upon death players must create a thread within the Afterlife if they wish to leave early. Otherwise players must wait (there is no determined length of time yet, however I am thinking around a week). Otherwise players can undergo Death's Trials. These trails increase in difficulty up to seven times, one time per death of each character. (Difficulty of the trials for one character are determined separately from others). After the seventh try the trial is replaced with an extremely powerful Guardian of the Afterlife. This guardian has a set power which will not be disclosed until they are encountered. If players so wish, they can also create threads involving their character simply exploring the afterlife and interacting with it (In order to avoid excessive amounts of NPCs created to sustain the afterlife, each player will experience an afterlife of their own, complete with their own experiences and faces.) Each thread of a character will offer a 2% bonus to gains for three threads after resurrection (Up to 10%).

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