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Post by Keiko on Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:04 am

As the name of the topic tells you, this is where you can put in completed topics so they can be graded by Staff! You'll need to do this in order for your character to get stronger and acquire Essence, after all. There's no real rule, other than the following:

1: Maximum of five topics per post. Make sure to link them for ease of access!
2: If you have more than five, make a new post, otherwise edit the one you currently have.
3: Applications, and shop purchases count towards the five limit.

For Staff;
Do grading in the order it's been posted in, if at all possible. If you've finished off an entire post's worth of grading, you can delete it. If you've only done it partially, you can strike out the links and possibly leave a notification next to each one that it's been taken care of.

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