Mythical Weapon: Arondight

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Mythical Weapon: Arondight Empty Mythical Weapon: Arondight

Post by Ulysse Heinrich on Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:45 pm

Mythical Weapon: Arondight DvFlNfN

    Full and shortened name of weapon: Arondight, A Sword once Holy

    Lore and details of the weapon: This sword was once blessed with a light that most people thought would never go out. But being handed down from Archmage to Archmage, this sword has been soaked in the blood of numerous people due to impure intent. Eventually corrupting Arondight. The weapon went missing under the fourth archmage's rule, most would believe it was someone who already had access to the blade had stolen it.

    Weapon Special Ability: [PAS-1] Cold Blood
    Arondight feeds off the blood and essence of slain foes.
    [Slaying a standard guard npc will earn Ulysse 100% of their resolve and soul. For allies with a percentage level based on a player, this is made only 20% when they are slain. It is the same for players but it may only occur once.]

    Weapon Type: Longsword
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