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Post by Gwyneveire Llwelyn on Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:38 am

450 Resolve/550 Soul

The second sub race under the Fae family, Imps are far darker than the Fairies, they are born from the negative energies left over from the death of millions all those ages ago, they are vengeful, deceitful, and dangerous. Their small stature makes them underestimated, and as a result even more dangerous for it. They lack wings however, instead sporting dark colors, glowing eyes and pale skin. They too are from nature, dark nature. They desire only to torture other beings, even including other races under the Fae family.

Their bodies are unusually strong for their stature, unlike the Fairies, they seem to have a major trade off and stand in a bit of a middle ground. Their habitat tends to be anywhere negative emotions brew, cities under strife will undoubtedly attract hordes of Imps, all seeking to torture. While they aren't particularly difficult for the prepared, one should still take caution just to be safe.

Oppression Sense - Imps can sense anything negative occurring, and can act on finding the source so long as it's reasonably within their reach. (No teleporting into the afterlife to troll someone for instance.)

Witching Hour - During the Night, Imps have a 15% boost to their Resolve.
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