The Tale of Demon Slayer Aramier

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The Tale of Demon Slayer Aramier Empty The Tale of Demon Slayer Aramier

Post by Gwyneveire Llwelyn on Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:36 pm

Thera has many tales, some grand, some cautionary However this one is one of tragedy. In the old world were four champions of Thera, warriors with great skill, excelling in various forms of weapon mastery. These four defended the lands tirelessly against demons, a threat they deemed greater than the age of greed before them.

Spellcaster Yarnhein, who watched over the world's flow. Guard Captain Oerneer, who defended the cities by himself against gargantuan beasts. Tarnem the Wise, and lastly...Demon slayer Aramier.

The Tale of Demon Slayer Aramier ZKaxuQA

They all fought bravely against demons, forces who desired to draw out the natural greed looming inside of the world's citizens, these four were regarded as heroes, their powers were great, and yet...Their hearts were so easily manipulated. A great baron offered them power, power to forever cast the demons into oblivion, all of them accepted save for Aramier, who did not believe the Baron. What ensued was the corruption of the other three. They gave in to the power the baron had given them, and in turn it had changed them, no longer were they heroes, instead they were terrible monsters, long gone was their humanity, and Aramier was the one who had to witness their change, his closest allies's minds and bodies turned to abominations before him.

Shortly after these events they began to wreak havoc across the lands, and sadly...None could stop them before the approach of the Seven storms. As these storms raged on, and with only one left, the people looked to their last champion to stop the advance the Flow's violent outbursts, Aramier was sent to slow it's inevitable destruction path. He fought bravely against it, but alas...The brightest lights will always dim the easiest, he did not succeed in stopping it. It took hold of him, changed him in ways he could not have forseen, in the end he sacrificed himself to slow down the destruction, dying away from the eyes of his people and his comrades, it is said even in the new world his sacrifice remains... Though he is bound by the flow now, desperately chained to the events that corrupted him.

The Tale of Demon Slayer Aramier G0kWDOH

he awaits warriors within an unknown ruin, hoping desperately that they may kill him, and free him from this curse, and yet his body fights against them, tearing them apart despite his mind screaming out against it. One of the brightest young knights who fought so galantly against the demons ultimately became one himself.

The Tale of Demon Slayer Aramier UgrjtIq

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