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Allies and Guards Empty Allies and Guards

Post by Gwyneveire Llwelyn on Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:52 am

Allies work on a special basis compared to regular players, pending on which version you purchased, they will gain only a certain amount of what a player can. For instance, the 25% Ally may only gain 25% of what a player would. Additionally their transformations are halved.


Guards work on a basis of what level they are, as well they can only have a select amount of Skills, Spells, and Passives.

Level 1 - 1 of each

Level 2 - 2 of each

Level 3 - 5 of each

Level 4 - 10 of each

Level 5 - 15 of each


When purchasing Allies and Guards, one must make an application for them, the roleplay example need not be used as Guards have a fixed power, and Allies always start at 50% of the purchasing player's level of power.


Allies and Guards may enter threads with the absence of the player's main character, however it should be noted that all gains in said thread will go towards the Ally (With excess being forfeited if they are not a 100% ally) or in the case of guards, no gains at all.

Allies and Guards UgrjtIq

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