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Post by Gwyneveire Llwelyn on Tue Jun 14, 2016 4:34 pm

Kitsune TafaG25
650 Resolve/350 Soul

Kitsune are one of the more mystic races within Thera, though they prove to be rare outaide of their home nation, making their mysticism tied with mystery. Few know of their origins, though they themselves do - born from a divine being known as Inari, the Kitsune have long carried the same traditions and teachings that she once taught.

They age far differently than most. Blessed with "Eternal Youth", Kitsune do not physically age past their mid twenties, and live on for thousands of years if they are unhindered through death by warfare. Of their nation, they are often seen as leaders due to their almost natural wisdom, a choice by the people that has brought them timeless prosperity.

Nine Tails of Power - Kitsune slowly grow more tails over time, up to nine of them. For every 50k Resolve you gain, you will grow another tail, each tail boosts basic melee by 3%, capping at 27% when you reach 450,000 Resolve. [Note: You will do a minimum of 5% melee damage at first, when you receive two tails, this is upgraded to 6%, and so on]

Ageless Arts - Carrying wisdom long passed from their origin mother, Inari, Kitsune start with one extra passive.

Kitsune UgrjtIq

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Kitsune Empty Re: Kitsune

Post by Keiko on Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:27 am


The First Tail - Kitsunes are all born with a single tail, but this does not mean they start being able to control the power it grants them, either. Through hard work they are able to tap into it's full potential, however. [Unlocks at 50k] [x3]

The Second Tail - The Kitsune has acquired their second tail, and with it their power doubles from their single tailed form. It is seen the first step out of many for a Kitsune. [Unlocks at 100k] [x6]

The Third Tail - The Third Tail is when a Kitsune has matured to an even greater stage than before, as this now means that their power has effectively doubled from what a two tail Kitsune can accomplish. [Unlocks at 150k] [x12]

The Fourth Tail - A fourth Tail means that a Kitsune is halfway through the hiearchy of power. Though the third tail caused a significant rise in power, it still does nothing to compare to a four tailed Kitsune. [Unlocks at 200k] [x25]

The Fifth Tail - Five tails doesn't cause quite as significant of a rise in power as four, but the power is stable, fittingly so as a Kitsune must achieve a truly notable strength in order to grow it's fifth tail. [Unlocks at 250k] [x30]

The Sixth Tail - When a Kitsune grows their sixth tail, some may find the newfound power a little disappointing, but it does mean that they have a steady rise, in comparison to most others... [Unlocks at 300k] [x33]

The Seventh Tail - A Kitsune that has achieved their seventh tail has come incredibly close to their full power. They tend to be very well respected among their kin, and are treated as second to very few. This is well reflected in the power they now hold. [Unlocks at 350k] [x36]

The Eighth Tail - Eight Tails means there is only one more step for a Kitsune to make. These proud beings are often the leaders, and at the very least, they are second-in-command as far as the Kitsune are concerned. [Unlocks at 400k] [x39]

The Ninth Tail - This is the point where it is believed that a Kitsune has unlocked the power of a deity, it is seen as something of legend, and that is for very good reason; a nine tailed Kitsune is the strongest of their kind, and very few can hope to match the power they hold. [Unlocks at 450k] [x42]

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