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Character Application, HK-69 Empty Character Application, HK-69

Post by HK-69 on Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:58 am


Character Application, HK-69 Tumblr_nt14mcCHHi1qi6iy0o1_500

Name: HK-69
Age: 7000 Years
Gender: N/A (reffered to as a he though)
Race: Automaton
Birthplace: Ancient Aramore
Starting Location: Aramore

HK-48 was one of the first automatons to be manufactured. While it may lack any human-like features say for being bipedal, it is unquestionably effective at what it does. After being shut down by Serileth, when the time came that 48 was back online, it was employed by a ruthless gang lord. However, one night a man whom 48 presumed was a powerful warrior and utterly decimated the gang. The man even overpowered the leader who at one point fled to the shadows. Upon doing so the man approached HK-48 and issued a hard reset of sorts in an attempt to cut any ties between the automaton and him. Despite HK-48 having been 'set free' once more, it still holds on to its homicidal tendencies and does not hesitate to let them be known. Now this ancient automaton, designed for heavily dangerous assassination missions awaits its new master, with its only defense on why it does this being, "It is a matter of habit."


  • [PHY-1] Die, Meatbag.
    In whatever brutal manner his computerized mind can conjure up, HK 69 finishes off it's opponent when it is in a critical state of health. (35% damage, deals 5% more damage to targets below 50% health)

  • [PHY-1] Crushing Force
    HK-69 is capable of tremendous feats of strength despite his thin appearance. Grabbing ahold of his enemy he closes his hand with bone-crushing force. (30% Resolve)

  • [PHY-1] How Shocking
    HK-69 overloads his core, sending a violent electrical current into his limbs. Should he make physical contact with an enemy within three turns they are electrocuted. (5% Resolve plus 1 turn stun)


  • [SP-1] Overcharge
    HK-69 overcharges his weapon so that it may do increased damage. (additional 5% Resolve)

  • [SP-1] Deadly Accuracy
    Being mechanical, HK-69 needn't worry about breathing, thus his aim is always perfectly steady. Should he carefully take aim however his accuracy is great enough, according to HK-69, "shoot an ant off of a toothpick from at least a mile away." (35% Resolve for one attack)

  • [SP] Explosives
    HK-69 has at his disposal a small assortment of what may as well be grenades. One acts as a stun which lasts for one turn (Flashbang), One is raw damage (Grenade, 5% Resolve), and the final is a toxin (Gas, -1 Stamina for 3 turns)


  • Hard As Steel!
    Being utterly made of metal, HK-69 takes 5% less damage from melee attacks, and even returns 2% if the attack is made with an enemies actual body part rather than a weapon.

  • Touch Master, if you dare.
    Whenever his master is damaged, HK-69 has the ability to enter a new state of increased hostility causing a 5% increase of all damage for one turn. (Once per battle)

  • Yes, master.
    While HK-69 now possesses free will, due to preference, if he is instructed to do something by his current master he will receive an additional 5% of gains.

Ancient assassination rifle.
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Character Application, HK-69 Empty Re: Character Application, HK-69

Post by Chen Arakawa on Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:24 am

Too lazy to log into Elidyra. But you're approved either way! xD
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