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Post by Chen Arakawa on Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:37 am

Chen Arakawa

Chen Arakawa VoIDBGj

Name: Chen Arakawa
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Lupine
Birthplace: A small set of islands to the west of the two greater nations.
Starting Location: Teresian Islands

Chen is the middle child in a large set of 8. She does not often speak of the other 7 or really her family in general. Her life in the strange, smaller more rural nation to the west of the Teresian Islands and Yarrose is kept completely hidden. One thing is known about her, though. And that is that she can really hold her liquor. There's nothing she enjoys more than a good drink. Additionally, she doesn't seem to suffer from the same effects as a normal drunk person would.  Somehow, she turns the drawbacks of being intoxicated into buffs of sorts. Mixing it with her style of fighting which is usually done with an odd pair of fist weapons resembling animal paws with a set of sharp claws.

Despite being something of a 'raging alcoholic' Chen does a good job of keeping herself in shape and then some. Where she comes from she is known to be a professional martial artist. Famous for her cute looks and ability to withstand extreme levels of pain.. most likely due to the fact she's damn drunk all the time.

Not much is known about Chen's past and where she came from, aside from the fact it is supposedly populated entirely by Lupines and Felines. Additionally, if one were to try and drag Chen into talk of religion she would become quite uncomfortable. Being in Aramore makes her.. very jumpy, to say the least. Nothing a good drink can't fix though.


    [PHY-1] Jab
    A simple jab technique done with a clenched fist. Chen thrusts her arm forward doing a sort of underhanded punch.
    (Hits for 30% resolve with an 1d6 (1, 2, 3) chance of making the next PHY-1 free.)

    [PHY-1] Tiger Palm
    Chen thrusts her hand forward, delivering an open palm strike to a weak point on a target. Before striking, a green mist-like energy surrounds Chen's hand. And as she thrusts her hand makes a sound as it whips towards the intended target.
    (Hits for 30% resolve with a 1d6 (4, 5, 6) chance of ignoring an opponent's guard. If the opponent is not guarding it simply stuns for one turn.)

    [PHY-1 ]Black-out Kick
    Chen delivers a spinning kick aimed at the target's head. Just like with tiger palm, a noticeable sound is made as the attack is being dealt.
    (From the front of an opponent, Black-out Kick qualifies as a normal attack and deals 30% damage, additionally healing Chen for 12% of the attack's damage over 3 turns (4%). From behind, Black-out Kick is a stealth attack. It deals 35% damage and deals an additional 12% of the 30% over 3 turns (4%).


    [SP-1] Drunken Haze
    Drenching the enemy in alcohol puts them in a rather bad situation if, say.. Chen were to light them on fire?
    (Chen somehow, someway, gets her hands on a barrel of alcohol and smashes it over a target. While the target is drenched they suffer 10% Resolve damage for 3 turns unless they are hit with a fire attack.)

    [SP-1] Breathe of Fire
    You'd think this was a simple party trick done with alchohol, but truly it is a martial arts school from which Chen was trained in. Chen inhales deeply and lets forth a blast of flames.
    (This ability does 30% damage on it's own, but when hitting an enemy drenched in alcohol it deals an additional 10% and leaves the enemy burning for 9% resolve damage over 3 turns.)

    [HP-1] Expel Harm
    Channeling some form of green mist through her arms Chen can either throw her hand out as if aiming to do a palm strike, or clench her fist and concentrate the mist into herself.
    (When above 35% Health, this ability heals for 30% health and cures one status ailment. Below 35% health it heals for 30% health and deals the same in damage to one nearby enemy. This is a self heal, it cannot be used on allies.)


    [PAS-1] Dematerialize
    A strange skill to say the least. Even when crippled in the midst of combat Chen is able to dodge oncoming blows.
    (When stunned, Chen cannot be hit with basic melee, a PHY-1 or an SP-1. This effect only lasts one turn.)

    [PAS-1] Battle Trance
    A calm mind is important in the midst of combat.
    (Chen is able to take two full turns.)

    [PAS-1] Sparring
    Chen usually doesn't take fights seriously- which is probably a given, since she is drunk about ninety percent of the time.(5% Increased soul when parrying or dodging. When taking a melee hit, this effect is amplified by an additional 5% for three turns stacking up to two times.)

Razor Claws
1,000 Essence

Roleplay Example: (OPTIONAL)
Pretty straightforward, show us an example of your roleplay! It can be as long or as short as you want. Recommended to have one hundred words per paragraph, then double space and start on another.
Chen Arakawa
Chen Arakawa

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Chen Arakawa Empty Re: Chen Arakawa

Post by Alexander on Sun Jun 12, 2016 6:03 am

Everything looks good you drunken bastard, now get on out there and show em what for!

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