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Memories of the past (Open) Empty Memories of the past (Open)

Post by Alexander on Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:40 am

Alexander sighed to himself, today marked the first of his final three days of training before he'd be given leave to leave the Chapel for good. He couldn't wait to start out on his own adventure, though he did feel rather cautious about it, after all he only knew what the priests told him. Regardless, today would likely be another slow one as he was assigned to assist the royal family. He was never told where to go exactly so he decided he'd just walk in and wait to be given a task.

As he entered the Royal Hall of the Grand Keep, Alex was struck with awe, like he always was when he entered this room. Massive banners dangled from the ceiling depicting an image of Serileth. Massive stained windows showing off Azeron descending from the Heavens casted multicolored beams of light onto the floor below. And to accompany it all was an ominous yet peaceful and relatively quiet organ, likely hidden out of sight to prevent ruining the general mood of the room.

"Maybe one day I'll own my own keep, maybe even an entire castle!" He said to himself with a grin as he started to look around the room. If he were ever to get any work done he may as well see if there's any situations already going on that he could potentially take advantage of. Even if he were to only see another servant, perhaps they could at least point him in the right direction. Whichever it was, Alex just hoped the task wouldn't be overly complicated or tedious, a previous week of rigorous combat training was enough hard work for the time being.

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