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Post by Keiko on Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:38 am


  • Demon Decapitation [PHY-1] -LEARNED-
    Keiko brings her blade into a stance, specifically aiming the tip of the blade towards the opponent's neck, and slashing. Hence the name of the skill. While certainly very harmful, it's far from a sure kill as most enemies will scarce let such a felling blow land. Even so, the Bronze Dragon also coats the blade in embers, adding a fiery sting to her blade...
    [40% damage, but can be dodged as if it were only 30%, fire damage]

  • Serene Demon Sword [PHY-2] -LEARNED-
    An upgraded variation of Demon Decapitation. She no longer aims the tip of her blade towards the target's neck, instead she brings her blade back as if sheathing it at her side. Then, using the principles of Iai, she slashes the enemy with blinding speed. It's reach is further extended thanks to a flame wave given off of her blade.
    [75% damage, but can be dodged as if it were 65%, fire damage]

  • Thunder Thrust [PHY-1] -LEARNED-
    Keiko breaks out into an all out charge, using her speed, strength, and momentum in a thrust. Aiming to impale her enemy on her blade! If she uses this as an opening move, it deals increased damage.
    [Deals 35% damage if it is the first in a combo. Otherwise it deals only 30% damage.]

  • Lightning Sword Flash [PHY-2] -LEARNED-
    An upgraded variation of Thunder Thrust. Keiko makes use of Sylph's Wind to strike like lightning. The same principles of the first technique apply, but now it's damage is far more increased, and so too is it's cost.
    [70% damage if the first in a combo, otherwise 65%]

  • Vahlok Stance [PHY-1] (Passive/Active) -LEARNED-
    Keiko enters a stance intended to strike away arrows, ward off the harshest of blows, and evade the most dangerous of spells. 'Vahlok' (Vaah-loke) meaning 'Guardian'.
    [Doubles Soul Value, but disallows use of Offensive Abilities. In exchange, Defensive Abilities are enhanced by 25%]

  • Kein Stance [PHY-1] (Passive/Active) -LEARNED-
    Keiko enters a stance that forgoes defense in favor of an overwhelming offense; her blows becoming very fierce and chained together without relent, although this does leave her open to counterattack. 'Kein' (Kah-een) meaning 'War'.
    [Doubles Resolve Value, but disallows use of Defensive Abilities. In exchange, Offensive Abilities and Melee Effectiveness are raised by 10%]


  • Healing Light [HP-1] -LEARNED-
    Keiko concentrates to conjure up a collection of Holy energy, this energy is then used to cleanse, purify, and heal wounds. Though it may not help with severe injuries...
    [20% Heal for herself and allies]

  • Cleansing Light [HP-2] -LEARNED-
    An improved variation of her healing magic, still able to greatly restore her own health, as well as the health of her allies. Though it has a much greater cost for this...
    [60% Heal for herself and allies]

  • Undine's Water/Salamander's Fire [MG-1] -LEARNED-
    Keiko calls upon elemental properties depending on the stance that she uses; for Normal and Vahlok she will fully utilize the attributes to flow like water, enhancing her defensive capabilities. While for Kein, she is able to call upon the attributes of fire, making each of her attacks a veritable inferno.
    [Undine's Water - Normal and Vahlok: Shield for herself or ally that is 30% of her Resolve, and cannot be afflicted with debuffs]
    [Salamander's Fire - Kein: 30% damage]

  • Firebreath [MG-1] -LEARNED-
    It's exactly what it says on the tin, although her firebreath is not as grand as the Dragons of old, it is still rather devastating to anything that can consider being bathed in fire a very bad thing.
    [30% Damage]

  • Drake's Fire [MAG-2] -LEARNED-
    The flames that Keiko can breathe take on an even more intense heat and destructive property, like that of a Drake.
    [65% fire damage]


  • Sylph's Wind [PAS-1] -LEARNED-
    Keiko uses the wind to empower herself with greater agility.
    [Allows another full action per turn]

  • Gnome's Earth [PAS-1] -LEARNED-
    Keiko uses the power of Earth to increase her physical prowess; namely that of her defense and strength.
    [Raises Soul by 15%, also break free of a stun that lasts for a single turn.]

  • Breath of the Earth [PAS-2] -LEARNED-
    Greatly enhanced power over Gnome's Earth, Keiko takes the breath of the Earth into her body. This causes a sharp increase in her physical prowess.
    [Raises Soul by 20%, also break free of a stun that lasts for a single turn.]

  • Serene Mind [PAS-1] -LEARNED-
    Keiko closes her eyes and concentrates deeply, enhancing her senses and allowing for more devastating counters and heightened reflexes.
    [Dodges and Parries are 5% more effective. Additionally you are rendered immune to blindness for obvious reasons.]

  • Serene Mind [PAS-2] -LEARNED-
    Keiko is able to enhance her senses even further, taking the philosophy of becoming like water to newer heights.
    [Dodges and Parries are 10% more effective. Additionally immune to blindness]

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