Weapon APP, Yato

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Weapon APP, Yato

Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:05 am

    Full and shortened name of weapon: Noragami Bronze Blade, or Sword of the Stray Dragon God

    Lore and details of the weapon: A straight-edge katana Meridia used to defeat a Grand Dragon in the midst of one of the seven storms. Before becoming one with the flow she offered the weapon up to Azeron and it has not been seen since.

    Weapon Special Ability:
    [PAS-1] SynchronizationIn response to certain weapons, the Noragami Blade changes its form. Gaining bonuses depending on the form achieved.

    Weapon Type: Katana

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Re: Weapon APP, Yato

Post by Alexander on Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:09 am

Everything checks out, approved!

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