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Weapon APP, Heretic Set Empty Weapon APP, Heretic Set

Post by Alexander on Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:32 am

Weapon APP, Heretic Set 3582b428121117.560523bfd41da
Weapon APP, Heretic Set Heretic_composite_bow__top_view_by_samouel-d4qtdzx

    Full and shortened name of weapon: (nickname and true name in the case of this weapon) Silverlight and Blade of the Heretic
    Lore and details of the weapon: Previously owned by Serileth herself, this weapon was used in countless battles and wars against corruption and even forces of her fellow Archons. Upon her summoning of the seven storms however, she was branded as a heretic hence the adopted name of her weapon. When Azeron left for the heavens he took with him a group of weapons, some of which he placed in locations found throughout Thera with Silverlight being a member of this group. Now it awaits the next person to wield it, that it may be used to fight corruption once more.

    Special Ability: [PHYS-1] Two in one! While in its sword state, Silverlight offers increased protection [5% Soul]. While in its bow state however Silverlight offers increased damage [5% Resolve].
    Weapon Type: Trick Weapon

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Weapon APP, Heretic Set Empty Re: Weapon APP, Heretic Set

Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:45 am

Looks good to me! Approved!

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