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Post by Gwyneveire Llwelyn on Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:22 am


When drinking honey mead to heal, you must roll three 10 sided die to determine if you become drunk from consumation. The amount needed for roll increases for every time you use it in a thread. First use - Need to roll 10 or higher to stay sober. Second use - Need a 20 or higher to stay sober. Third use - Fifth use - You must roll a perfect 30 or become drunk.

Once drunk, you will use stamina and mana twice as fast (I.E. Two points for a Level 1, three for a level 2, four for level 3.) And all charges will be lowered by 15%.


When you engage in...Sensual Relations with another player as a female, your character can become pregnant. You must roll 2 6 sided die after the...Act to determine if pregnancy occurs. If it's lower than 5, it shall become active immediately. While pregnant, your character's stamina is halved, and any hits to the stomach will result in a 15% boost to damage received. However, pregnant adventurers don't have it all bad;

Through blessings offered by Azeron and the flow, training strengthens the bond between mother and child. As the mother trains, the baby is strengthened up to a 15% bonus to gains for the child's first 5 threads.


Through spells stated to have a blinding effect, one may become blind, while blind spells may not be used until the effect wears off. (Blind duration determined by spell strength).


To put simply, your character is unable to move when hit with a stun spell or skill for the amount of turns stated on the ability.

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