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Post by Gwyneveire Llwelyn on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:57 am

"Gwyn" Gwyneveire Llwelyn

Gwyneveire Llwelyn JRs1L44

Name: Gwyneveire Llwelyn
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Birthplace: Yarrose, Artur Village
Starting Location: Ornweinne

Gwyneveire or just Gwyn as those close to her call her, is an aspiring Mage, currently training under the finest teachers in the esteemed Primrose academy. She is mostly training under offensive arts; elemental magic, magic missiles, etc... Yet she has an interesting side to her skill set - Sword skill. Her father was a man of the blade, unlike her mother who was a dedicated mage, though he disappeared when she was only 13, he managed to teach her simple skills, from which she trained herself up further on it. It is not uncommon to find battle mages, and certainly not uncommon to find those who use both magic and blade, she is certainly unique from the typically magic centric people of Yarrose. Still, she has a calm demeanor and is always knee deep in books, trying her best to learn more, to further her knowledge, her blade skills are simplistic compared to the art that is her magic, and it clearly shows - Against a real swordsman, she would certainly be bested.

Her childhood was an interesting one, she had little time to just be a kid, stuck studying books under her commanding mother's guidance, when she wasn't doing this, she was doing chores, or learning swordsmanship from her father. As such, she...Can be something of a "stick in the mud", though only because she understands so little about fun. As she grew, so too did her mind, she learned to appreciate the magical arts, and even turned to it for something of comfort when her father vanished. Her mother may have been commanding and doting, but she did show a kindness to her daughter; she managed to get her admittance to Primrose, the most honorable Magecraft school in the world.

She entered at a very young age, hardly even turning 16 whereas the common student was a young adult by the time they entered, if not older. She received scorn and underestimation due to her age from most, though a few teachers and students alike came to respect her skill - however unrefined it was, for her determination. As she is now, she will spend many more years dedicating her life to the art, if she even ever fully "masters" it. Her goals for the future are to become the headmaster of Primrose, and to find her missing father where ever he may be - If he even still lives.


    [PHY-1] Swift Strike
    Gwyn thrusts her blade forward, aiming for her opponent's chest.

    [PHY-2] Elegant Strike
    Gwyn sweeps her blade in a fluid yet fast motion, aiming to out perform her opponent.

    [PHYS-1, 1 turn stun] Devastating Blow
    Gwyn puts all her strength behind her attack, aiming solely to push her opponent off balance and leave them crashing to the ground.


    [MAG-1 5% fire damage] Firis
    Gwyn throws a ball of fire ahead of her.

    [MAG-1, 3 turn 10% boost to all damage dealt] Thundris Boost
    Gwyn charges electricity into her body, empowering her attacks.

    [HEAL-1, 25% health restore] Healis
    Gwyn heals the wounds of herself and others.


    [PAS-1, Can read another's Resolve and Soul.] Sense Life Force
    Through the teachings of her own Mother, Gwyn learned a family skill, one that allows her to focus her mana to sense the life force of another.

    [PAS-1, Two actions per turn] Flexibility
    Though she excells at Magecraft, Gwyn is not a total pushover with a blade! She has enough expertise to perform two actions per turn instead of just one.

    [PAS-1, full stamina restore at the cost of all mana] Mana Burst
    Gwyn sacrifices her mana in a small blast to instantly regain her stamina.

Decorative Short Sword
Strange Tome
Starting Essence: 1,000

Roleplay Example:
A class of mages stands around a teacher as he demonstrates a simple fire spell by lighting a torch on a floor mount, they all watch intently, including Gwyn who stands among them. he turns to them all. "Who here among us would like to try this spell? Firis is simple, but it takes some practice to aim well." The wise old man runs his hand through his beard, eyeing the students before him, waiting for someone to raise a hand, step forward, or speak up. "Sir...I will attempt it." Gwyn steps forward, though there were many willing to try, she was fastest to act, even as two others stepped forward at the same time, the teacher nodded. "Very well, Gwyneveire, you will be the first to attempt."

The eager young mage steps up to the second floor mounted torch. She brushes off her sleeves, staring down the target before her, she has to aim well, lest she hit something...or someone. She focuses her eyes on this alone, the world around her seems to vanish as she has everything riding on this...She chants a word under her breath, and begins swirling her hands as a ball of fire forms, floating between these hands, she puts all she has into it, and then launches it! ... And it bounces off of the torch and slams into a wall where it explodes somewhat.

"Well, good thing for stone walls!" States the teacher as he gives a hearty laugh. He was unphased by the mishap, he had seen it a hundred times at least. Gwyn on the other hand looked quite embarrassed. She gave a sigh, almost prepared to walk away. But the man cleared his throat, stopping her in her tracks. "Give it another try! Mishaps like that are common, I'm sure if you focus yourself, you can do it!" She turned to face him, and gave a determined nod! She stepped back up and chanted once more, swirling the fire between her hands yet again, she stared down the torch, prepared to win no matter what! She launched off the ball again, this time her movements were more fluid, far more calm, and with that, the fireball hit the torch at a much lower velocity, exploding against it and lighting it up impressively. She raised her hand up victoriously to a few claps from the other students.

"Very good Miss Llwelyn. Now then, with your success, let's have another student step forward!" With this dismissal, she victoriously stepped back amongst her peers, watching as others would step up to test their skill as she had done.

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Amazing chest ahead. Approved!

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