Alexander Ainsland, son of Azeron

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Alexander Ainsland, son of Azeron Empty Alexander Ainsland, son of Azeron

Post by Alexander on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:06 am

Alexander Ainsland

Alexander Ainsland, son of Azeron Chrom

Name: Alexander Ainsland
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthplace: Aramore
Starting Location: Aramore

First son of Azeron born into the new age, Alexander acts as Azeron's hand on Thera's surface. Born in the Grand Chapel of Aramore, Alexander was struck with a blinding beam of light which burned into his flesh the mark of Azeron. The priests took this as a sign and immediately sent the child to be trained under the Knights of Azeron. Throughout his childhood Alexander was pushed to his limits, though he was always guided by his father. Those days however have since passed, priests began to fear his power and named him as a blasphemer and enemy of Azeron's will when he turned twenty. Ever since he's been hiding out in the slums, acting as a silent enforcer and prophet of his father's will, much to the dismay of not only the Grand Priest but also to the Knights of Azeron. Now he has been commanded by his father to go out on his own and seek his own tasks. Thus began Alexander's adventure into the expansive world of Thera, ready for whatever it would bring.


  • [PHY-1] Holy Strike
    Alexander imbues his sword with holy light and strikes hard and true. (30% Resolve plus an extra 5% against the corrupt)

  • [PHY-1] Parry
    Alexander twirls his blade, using it to intercept his enemies attack and redirect it. (-5% damage)

  • [PHY]] Riposte
    After parrying Alexander suddenly strikes while his opponent's guard is open [35% Resolve]


  • [SP-1] Azeron's Light
    Alexander channels an orb of light in the opening of the blade of his sword, once the orb reaches the blades edges it bursts with a blinding light. (Stun for one turn)

  • [SP-1] Father's Blessing
    Alexander holds his blade so the point is aimed towards the heavens as a beam of light descends upon him and his party. [Heals party for 25% of Resolve and offers Holy Blessing buff, -5% damage from corrupt creatures for 1 turn]

  • [SP-1] Holy Fire
    Alexander slices into the air, sending a large wave of white fire towards his opponent. (30% resolve plus Burning effect [10% Resolve] as well as an extra 5% if they are close enough to be struck by the blade)


  • [PAS-1] Son of Azeron
    Being the son of Azeron, Alexander is less susceptible to damage from corrupt enemies. (-5% damage from corrupt enemies)

  • [PAS-1] Professional Training
    Having been trained by some of the best warriors in Aramore when he was little, Alexander holds an impressive amount of experience for all the older he is. (10% Boost to Resolve when fighting alone)

  • [PAS-1] Warrior Spirit
    Whenever outnumbered or fighting alongside allies Alexander receives one of two buffs. (10% Soul when outnumbered and 5% Resolve when alongside an ally)

Blade of Azeron (, Light Training Armor. A single bed roll and a ring bearing the Mark of Azeron.
Starting Essence: 1000

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Alexander Ainsland, son of Azeron Empty Re: Alexander Ainsland, son of Azeron

Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:18 am

You're good to go! I'll come back and properly grade this later when a grading system is put in place.

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