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Character Name

Elidyra Mascolel MzluWm7

Name: Elidyra Mascolel
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Blue Dragon Shifter (Fire Element)
Birthplace: Unknown as of right now
Starting Location: Aramore

Far to the North is a place known only as Dragon's Ridge. In a time of old it was a grand continent in and of itself where many variations of dragons existed and it was home of Meridia the Old Dragonslayer. Lush green plains, rolling hills, beautiful mountain ranges, seemingly endless deserts. It had been a place mostly untouched by man due to how territorial dragons are by their very nature. It wasn't until after Meridia's Great Hunt that the dragons settled down and decided to try for peace with the humans. This promised land was washed away in the seven storms and is now nothing more than a dull, gray wasteland of jagged mountains and corrupted creatures. So it would likely come off as quite a surprise to say Elidyra was born in such a place. Well, there's far more to that dead continent than just sharp rocks and corrupted wyrmkin, and those that hear the story of Elidyra may feel inspired and compel to go find out for themselves. Most think that this 'secret place' is home to many dragon shifter, or to a new species of dragon that survived the seven storms.

In present times Elidyra aspires to find her birthplace. It should be her right to be the first one to see it, after all. Even when she is still such a young woman- if you could even call her a woman, she has set out in search of this so-called 'promised land'. Not for the sake of finding some lost, thought to be extinct race, but for the simple fact that she had once called it home. Her parents had never been given an opportunity to talk about it, as they had died when Elidyra was still young leaving her with her adoptive uncle Marcos. A retired member of the guard in Aramore who now simply spends his time training cadets. The living he and Elidyra made off of the combined pension from being a guard and paycheck from training cadets gave them a nicely decent living. Elidyra was even able to recieve basic sword fighting lessons.

As of now, Elidyra is a fourteen year old blue dragon shifter waiting for the day she will be allowed to leave Aramore to explore the vast open world that lay outside its walls.


    [PHY-1] (Active/Passive) Guard Stance
    Elidyra enters a defensive fighting stance. One capable of deflecting arrows, the heaviest of blows and even allowing for more ease of movement. (Doubles Soul value, but cannot use offensive techniques. In exchange, defensive abilities effectiveness is enhanced by 25%)

    [PHY-1](Active/Passive) Attack Stance
    Hard, fast, and precise strikes. Advancing as a flurry of blade attacks cutting most enemies to ribbons.
    (Doubles Resolve value, but cannot block or dodge or use defensive abilities. In exchange, offensive abilities and melee effectiveness is enhanced by 10%)

    [PHY-1] Duelist's Blow
    This technique is a combo starter of sorts, initially it will only do the first big chunk a tier one skill should. But upon use of the next skill Elidyra will strike again with a quick little slash for the remaining damage she was supposed to inflict.
    (First strike deals 30% Resolve, using another skill will add the remaining 5%)


    Elidyra gives a short blessing before channeling healing magic into the air around her. (Heals any number of allies for 25% Resolve)

    [MG-1] Dragon Skin/Dragon's Breathe
    When in normal or guard stance, Elidyra shields an ally or herself for 30% of her Resolve. In attack stance, Dragon Skin becomes Dragon's Breath which is her simply expelling her chosen element from her mouth for 30% damage. Additionally, when in guard stance using Dragon Skin, Elidyra cannot be inflicted with ill status effects when blocking. There is no additional mechanical effect in attack stance.

[PAS-1] Galeforce
A form of wind magic allows another full action.

[PAS-1] Vantage
When below 50% health, if a PHY or MAG is used against her Elidyra will counter with a free melee hit (5%)

[PAS-1] Camaraderie
When Elidyra enters a fight to stand beside an injured ally, the ally gains 10% of their health back.

(Racial) [PAS-1] Blue Dragon Wing's
Only a youngling when it comes to dragons, Elidyra is able to propel herself up into the air a short distance and steadily glide forward. (Upgrading flight requires a set amount of uses. The upgrade does not take up a slot and instead replaces its inferior version.)

Straight-edged Katana Appearance
1,000 Essence

Roleplay Example:
Frick yo RP Example

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Looks good, you're approved! And no worries about the example, your bio serves well enough.

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