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Post by Elidyra Mascolel on Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:25 pm


We'll start off with Skills! Skills are, as they sound, abilities that your character can use. These skills are generally more physically oriented in some fashion. Through use of your weapon or your own body, but that's not to say they can't have an elemental enhancement, such as a fire slash. So let's first talk about the mechanics.

[PHY-1] - 30% Resolve in Damage, 1 Stamina
[PHY-2] - 65% Resolve in Damage, 2 Stamina
[PHY-3] - 100% Resolve in Damage, 3 Stamina

"PHY" stands for Physical, and each tier deals a respective amount of damage for the effort it takes to learn them, as well as use them. These abilities do not have any particular mechanical effects applied to them, and instead deal straight damage to your target. Mechanical effects and such will have to be approved by staff.

All characters start with 3 Stamina.


Spells are, as the name implies, more magically oriented. Typically this covers things that don't make particular use of your weapon, such as conjuring a Fireball or a Lightning Bolt.

[MAG-1] - 30% Damage in Resolve, 1 Mana
[MAG-2] - 65% Damage in Resolve, 2 Mana
[MAG-3] - 100% Damage in Resolve, 3 Mana

Magical spells may have further mechanical effects but like physical techniques they will need to be approved by staff.

[HP-1] 25% Health restored, 1 Mana
[HP-2] 50% Health restored, 2 Mana
[HP-3] 100% Health restored, 3 Mana

Healing spells mechanically work as Magics, though with healing effects rather than damaging ones. Just as before, further mechanical effect requires permission.

All characters start with 3 Mana.

Recovering Stamina & Mana

To recover either stat, one simply needs to not make use of a Skill or Spell that uses it.
For example, using a [PHY-1] will reduce your Stamina from 3/3 to 2/3.
Using another, would further reduce it to 1/3.
But if you instead use a [MAG-1], your Mana will go to 2/3, and your Stamina will go back up to 3/3. Pacing yourself accordingly is vital to combat situations.

These are skills unlike Skills and Spells, they aren't used, to start with! They're either merely active all the time, or upon activation they last until deactivated (with some exception). They don't take Stamina or Mana to use, nor do they count as an action in most cases. So how do Passives work? Well, there's no one way to truly define them because they can come in a variety of manners. So instead we'll focus on how they grow in effectiveness.

[PAS-1] Glide
Lets you glide through the air.

[PAS-2] Super Glide
Allows you to glide much farther and much more efficiently.

[PAS-3] Flight
Allows you to fly, flat out.

Some Passives may not be possible to upgrade, as well.
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